Friday, July 29, 2005

Emanon - The Waiting Room

Whats up all. Today I want to feature an album that I have really been feeling lately. Emanon's (Named after a Dizzy Gillespie song with the same title, meaning No Name spelled backwards) new album, The Waiting Room, is some serious heat. Its a unique album that features a variety of different cuts. From party tracks, to love songs, and even accapella joints. Its very refreshing in the world of indie hip hop cause there really is no one doing anything like them. Emanon is composed of emcee/musician Aloe Blacc and DJ Exile. These two cats have been working with eachover since high school, when Exile, a graff artist and DJ, was making mixtapes putting all the new hot shit on the a side and on the b side he would feature emcees on his beats. He needed an emcee for the one track and in comes Aloe Blacc. They have been working together ever since. They also have successful solo careers also. Aloe is now a part of the Stones Throw family as a solo artist. As a group though, they dropped an ep on Ill Boogie records entitled, Anon & On which was received very well within the hip hop community. 3 years later they dropped there latest effort, The Waiting Room. I just copped it on vinyl this weekend and I have to say this shit is butter. These cats really have some different and very musical shit going on. There tracks are well developed and are not just the traditional style of beats that most hip hop cats rock over. Im really digging Exiles production skills on the tracks. He uses very smooth jazzy samples with breakbeats weaved in just right. Lots of nice chill vibey keys and filtered basslines all over the place. And on Aloe's end there is a lot of singing that goes along with the rhymes. This is real cool. It really adds alot to the music. They are on the label Shaman Work who also features Wale Oyjide and other dope indie cats that dont really fit into that traditional indie hip hop scene. So check these mp3's out and go cop the album. Its worth it.

1. Six Million Ways
This is my favorite track on this album. The beat is real reflective and just has that real deep vibe to it. The lyrics are all about mortality and just different vices that wind up destroying you in the long run. From family problems and growing up, to women, to drug abuse. Exile actually is rhyming on the track.

2. She Thinks
A real dope love song. This is some real smooth shit. Aloe just sings on the whole track and it comes off real tight. The beat is real layed back and fits the mood of the vocals right to a tee. its really about leaving your girl and breaking up. Dope shit.

3. More Then You Know
Im a fan of love songs so this is hot also. This one is more about meeting a women and thouse feelings that you have when you first start chilling with a chick and just expressing your feelings. The beat has that chill jazzy guitar tip and the nice chill keys in the back. I really like this joint.

4. Farewell
This is the last cut on the ablum and its there way of saying goodbye on the album. The beat starts out with a nice chill vibed out sample then breaks into a dope bassline where they kick some dope lyrics about politics and culture and just saying farewell to it all. The hook is hot and wraps up the album real nice.

So all and all a real tight album. Please support these cats and buy this joint. You will not be dissapointed. Peace.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Low End Theory Podcast #2: The 5 AM Edition

My MPC and hooptie turn.

Well its 5 am on a Monday night and Im bored as hell, so I made this hip hop mixtape/podcast for you motherfuckers. It came out pretty dope. Its about 30 minutes long and has a lot of good indie shit and some 90's joints. Heres the tracklist.

1. Intro
2. Emanon - Count Your Blessings
3. 5 Deez - Late October
4. Count Bass D - Blues For Percy Carey
5. Charizma - Red Light Green Light
6. No Id - Interlude
7. Common - In My Own Words
8. Ghostface - Biscuts
9. ATCQ - Oh My God
10. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot
11. Nature - To My Advantage
12. Diamond D - Sally Got A One Track Mind
13. Large Pro - Wanna Chill

Podcast #2

I also made this beat tonight. Shits pretty funky. Sampled some Galt MacDermot for this one. And played a lil synth in it. More of an upbeat track clocking in bout 115 bpms.

In other news, my partner Lou is taking a little break right now, so Imma roll solo for a minute. I might have some other cats come post once a while. So if your interested and have a knowledge of more obscure or slept on joints that you want to feature, hit me up. So thats it for now, enjoy the music and peep these links.


Biggie Freestyle Movie. This is dope as fuck. Must see. Thanks to Spine Mag for the link.

Amen Break Documentory. Real tight. The Amen Break is a classic breakbeat by the group the Winstons, and has been used on countless tracks from all different genres of electronic music. Check this out.

Nas - 50 Cent Diss MP3

Real dope T-Shirts. Found these one ebay one night. I like the Favorite Breaks joint. It has all the dope og breaks waveforms.

Graffiti Stencils. This is cool but real wack at the same time.

Kanye West article from NY Times, via Okayplayer

Trailer For 50 Cents new movie, Get Rich Or Die Trying.

Soft Drinks And Hard Rhymes

and thats that. The suns up so I gotta get my ass in bed. Peace.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


If you haven't heard of Diplo yet, you need to wake the fuck up. Diplo is originally from Florida and moved to Philly where he started his own parties. He met up with a cat called Low Budget and founded Hollertronix. These are like parties that they throw and they play all kinds of party shit. "...elements of 80s nostalgia with mainstream hip-hop, crunk, dancehall, bhangra, Baltimore club and now even the Favela Funk of Rio Di Janeiro (from Stylus)" These parties are real big though and get mad people out. If your in Philly or NYC they usally have one every month. On the production tip though dude has that DJ Shadow, RJD2 vibe. Really dope tracks with old breakbeats and all kinds of dope samples with that sp1200 grit. His first single was's first release on there record label, Money Studies. His debut album, Florida, is a collage of samples and layered breaks. Real good shit. His tracks always have this progression to them where he flips it up towards the middle and takes it somewhere else. He is a pretty diverse cat. He recently did a mixtape for M.I.A., Piracy Funds Terrorism, which has been blowing up worldwide for a while now. Its more of that crunk shit and he flexs his DJ muscle on there. So goto his website and get on his messageboard. There is a pretty decent community there with cats like Catchdubs and a lot of other bloggers on there. Dude is blowing up and I can see him getting real big in the next year.

1. Sarah
This is one of my favorite Diplo joints. The beat is serious. This is off his album Florida. You gotta pick this joint up with the quickness. Dont sleep.

2. When Eggnog Goes Bad
This was that Turntable Lab joint I mentioned before. I got this as a free promo the one day I bought a bunch of shit from them. Well worth it. I got that original record that horn sample is from but cant remember it.

3. Newsflash Ft. Sandra Melody
This is a Diplo riddim. This is more of his party tracks. Kinda on that Reggatron tip. Shit is hype. When i first heard this I bumped it for weeks straight.

4. Diplo Live At 3d Pt 1
This is a mix from one of Diplos gigs. Listen to how crunk it is. Its funny to hear him be so diverse in what he does. He gets mad props round here.


MPC Simon game. This is tight. You have to follow the pads like the OG simon. dope.

Dad boxes 3 year old son and kills him. Spotted at Emynds.

Freshfest Tour

DMX is wack as fuck. Interview. Spotted at Spine.

Biggie Movie. Finally. Pac got his now Big gets his shine.

Remix Hotel In Chi-City. I wish I could check this out. Its dope.

Speaking of Expo's, DJ Times is having there big Atlantic City Expo coming up soon. I went to one like 2 years ago and they had prototypes of Numarks CD turn and other shit that wasnt released yet. So check that out.

Old KDAY clips. Dope

Rawkus Records is back
. All you indie cats best protect your neck.

Bolivain Womans Wrestling. This is like backyard wrestling for the 3rd world.

Still Tippin. Getto Body Kit.

and thats that. peace.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wale Oyejide: "One Day Everything Changed"

EDIT:I made a couple of mistakes on this post that needed to be corrected. Thanks to Mr. Merge for bringing that to my attention. Peace.

Tonight I'm going to talk about a cat that I think is mad slept on. Wale Oyejide is a Nigerian born producer and vocalist that came to the US as a young teen to pursue music. He graduated an American college then started to get his name out there. His debut album is under the name Sci Fi, and was him on the beats. Very spacy and soulful productions. On his next album One Day Everything Changed, he does all the production and makes his debut on the mic. He doesnt really rap on his tracks but he sings and chants which is cool. Some of his lyrics I think are a little lame, but overall its pretty good for the most part. Alot of it deals with his frustrations, politics, black power, war, revolution, and just shout outs to Africa. Its all layed over some smooth jazzy afrobeat tracks. He handles it on the production end real well. I like his drums and the basslines. He uses some gritty synth arrangements on a few tracks, but then there is layerd vibes and keys that give the beats thats spacy hip hop nu jazz feel. The Afrobeat theme he brings to most of the tracks is cool. Its like some 2004 Fela Kuti shit popping off. You can tell Kuti had a real impact on this dude. His way of chanting on the mic and the way he lays the horns and drums is very reminiscent of the king of afrobeat. I think this is cool cause Im a big fan of Kuti and Antibalas. (Ill be doing posts on them soon) The one track Iban Sunrise sounds like Fela and Pete Rock got down on a joint together. He also has some guest appearances by Jay Dilla, MF DOOM, and this cat Taraach. The Dilla track is pretty good, but Dilla just wrote some ol bullshit for the track. Didnt put all his effort into it. The production was cool though. Wasnt really a fan of the Doom track. I usally like him but was nothing special. But overall its a tight album. Some different shit to listen to in the indie hip hop circle. Its some good shit to start rioting or if your planning a pilgrimage to Mecca. So scoop it up and pay the man. I didnt want to post up the guest tracks, cause I think other joints on the album outshined them. And quality comes first round these parts bitch.

One Day Everything Changed ft. Taraach
Damn James
Iban Sunrise

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm takin ya back come follow me, on a journey to see a for real MC

tats cru - click the pic to see it better.

What up? Gotta go to Jerz for a few days so I just got some dope tracks and links for that ass. One thing i want to mention though is this mural above me. This is done by Tats CRU, a team outta NYC, that has blown up and made the graffiti ish into a legitimate business. They are for hire to hit up a bodega or record store in a borough near you. They got some real nice murals and piece work. I dont write but I like to look at cats pieces all the time. If you do have any pics of your work please send em to I could always use that shit. Any promo items would be appreciated also. :) I have to do a few posts on some stuff that was sent to me a while ago. A nice sampler of Nuclear Fams new tracks, and Jeff Chang's Cant Stop Wont Stop (A very ILL book. Imma do a book report on here for it in a little bit), Ill get around to them some day. So check out the graff and these mp3's.

1. Miracles - Kice
This is a pretty dope album. Its got some real nice production done mostly by Mr. Len. This beat is tight casue of the chopped jazz/vibes loop. Dont sleep on this album though. Got alot of nice jazzy tracks and good lyrics. I think has it in right now. On a side note yesterday I spent over like $90 with them. Getting some dope 90's hip hop.

2. Listen 2 This - MED
This is ill. I always liked MED (Medaphor) but lately he been on thouse wierd Just Blaze or Dilla tracks, that sound like the Neptunes and Timbaland had a retarded baby together and taught it to make beats. Most of his whole new album, Push Comes to Shove is real clubby and commerical like that. I just cant get down to that ish thogh when this cat has been rocking over Madlib tracks for years. This track is a Madlib cut and I think the shit bangs. I like the way MED emcees though, even though dude gets real monotumus. He dont switch up shit. If you want to hear rhymes bout smoking weed and Cali then scoop this shit up.

3. Disillusioned - Demon Fuzz
This is for all my rare groove heads. This is a classic track that was just reissued recently. I got the reissue but the OG pressings are pretty rare. Some good shit though. There are an all black UK group that dropped back in the 60s-70's. A lot of producers have sampled there album AFRIKA. You will hear samples from it all the time. This track here starts off slow and kind of dark, but breaks into a funked out breakdown in the middle. Shit is rugged.

4. All The Way Down - March Wind
Another pimpin funk track. I couldnt do alot of research on these dudes except for them being on a few funk comp records. This shit is real funky though. It has that pimp vibe to the whole track, then towards the middle it gets crazy. Ill.


Alchemist got his ribs broke and lung collapsed on a tour bus with that 50 Cent/Shady Anger Management Tour. Im not a big ALC fan but hope dude is aight and all that.

Goggle Earth. This is some of the hottest shit I've seen online. Real fun. Its almost scary how accurate the shit is though. I was looking at crackhouses and record stores in Tokyo.

Not My Baby Dady. I would be doing windmills after I heard that shit. Thanks to Frankly for the link.

88 Keys interivew at Dork Mag. Dope shit. Go over and support thouse cats. There blog is tight.

Blind Date: Crack Whore Edition
This shit had me dying.

Roland SP-404 released. Just after I scoop up a 303.. This looks real cool. More effects, battrey powered, 12 pads (I like the 8 better or 16. 12 is wack.) There pretty cheap too. Def a nice portable production tool.

Hip-Hop Roots Album Explores The Most Sampled Songs In Hip-Hop.

A bunch of Z-Trip mixes. Cool shit. Spotted at Spine Mag.

Shock G calls it quits.

David Banner getting a show on Adult Swim. The one night I was watching Adult Swim, and all of a sudden this chessy beat came on and said that he gave it to them. Now this. Jezzus.

News on Danger Doom project

Worlds Ugliest Dog
. ugghh thats pretty fucking grimy (thanks Diff Kitchen)

Aight I gotta get my ass on the highway to New Jeru. Peace.

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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Thats one cool baby. I love days like this. Mean hangover but no work. So I can sit on my lazy ass all day and watch TV. All I got for you today is some dope music by some dope artists. Its a nice eclectic selection for today. Also check out the links.

1. Live As It Gets - Reef The Lost Cause
Got this off a sampler for reefs new album. Shit is pure fire. This beat is disgusting. That bassline that rocks thru it gets me mad amped. Its one of those joints thats so simple and minimal but just has that feeling. Got mad heart. If you haven't heard of Reef you've been sleeping. He is a real slick emcee from out of Philly and kills shit on the mic. I think he has a lot of talent but sometimes rocks over the wrong beats. The Canibus syndrome. Beats like this though make him shine like a mutha. Dude has the fundamentals of an emcee down to a tee. He got cadence, concepts, wit, and intelligence. So scoop up his joints whenever you can.

2. Mindgames (Sneaky Pete Edit) - Rich Medina
This is off a 7" that was put out with Madlib. Rich is a DJ from Philly who is has been getting mad dap as of late. The last few years dudes been getting a lot of work. I think he still holds down a few nights in Philly, and has guested on mad peoples albums. You can hear him talk some cosmic shit on King Britt's BBE release. (Forget the name - do ya homework) This beat is real chill with some lush vibes and nice synth arrangements over some slick drums. Some chill party music.

3. Ponytail - Corduroy
This is my shit here. Some UK cats making real funky music. I love shit like this. Real funky keys and arrangements. There aren't a lot of cats that really are getting down like this, so to see these cats doing it is ill. Other groups that somewhat do this are Soul Live and Bullfrog. I stole this Bio of Corduroy off Yahoo music.
The acid jazz outfit Corduroy assembled singer/keyboardist Scott Addison, his drummer brother Ben, guitarist Simon Nelson-Smith, and bassist Richard Searle (a former member of '80s one-hit wonders Doctor & the Medics). Formed from the ashes of the short-lived Brit-pop group Boys Wonder, Corduroy played their first gig -- a one-off New Year's Eve date -- in 1991; the performance proved so successful that its members agreed to continue on full-time, soon signing to the Acid Jazz label and issuing their debut LP, the largely instrumental Dad Man Cat, in 1992. High Havoc -- the soundtrack to an imaginary film -- followed a year later, launching the U.K. Top Ten hits "Something in My Eye," "The Frighteners," and "London, England." In the wake of 1994's Out of Here, however, Acid Jazz dropped Corduroy from its roster; after a long hiatus, the group finally landed on the Big Cat label, where they resurfaced in 1997 with The New You! ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide Written by Jason Ankeny
4. The Night My Girlfriend Left Me - Prince Paul
Here is some real chill zoning music. This beat is off Paul's new Ittstrumental album. Some real slick shit. Paul needs to make a lot of beats like this. Real simple melody with some strings layed behind it on some real punchy ass drums and a sub-bass. The vocal snippets are heat also and really tie in the theme of the track to the music. My only problem is the fucking emcee (Paul Barman?) that comes in towards the middle of the track. Muthafucka is wack as hell. It almost ruins the beat. But overall this is one of my favorite Prince Paul productions in a long time.


Aight if you dont know this, Im a producer by trade. Please feel free to check out some of my beats HERE. If you are a fan of the site and the kinds of music that we put up you will enjoy some of my joints. So check that out. Shameless self promotion over.

Rocksteady's 28th Anniversary
. Im defiantly going to this shit.

Oh shit Showbiz is dropping an album. Dope shit.

Lil Kim getting locked up
!! Looks like she finally gonna find out how many licks it takes a prison lez to get her "magic shit".

Vintage Hip Hop Flyers And Photos This is really tight (thanks to Featherboy for the link)

Dope production clothing. Imma have to cop the mpc tee's.

Chris Tucker getting pulled over for speeding

Steinski interview at Monkey Funk

Killa Cam arrested for driving with a suspended license. DIPPP SETT!!!!!

MF DOOM mask on ebay.

Popular words used by Hip Hop Bloggers
. I myself use lots of cussin and the word "Cats"

Mad Hip Hop Videos
. GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!

And that is it for today. Time to fire up the mpc and get busy. Peace.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Please set me at ease..

Happy post July 4th and all that jazz. Im fighting a mean hangover and bout to goto work so I thought I would post up some cool tunes before I bounced. The 4th was cool, even though I had to work all night, but when I got home we lit off like $500 worth of fireworks, got the cops called on us, got real hammered, and made some beats. So all and all a good night. Today Imma just throw up some dope mp3's for you to groove to.

1. Please Set Me At Ease - Bobbi Humphrey
A nice chill track by the dope misses of smooth jazz. This track has been sampled by mad cats but I just like to sit back and zone out to it. Some real nice arrangements and the vibe is mad laid back. Some chilling around the crib music.

2. Do You Really Care - The Last Emperor
Now these beats are what I really get into. I love chill vibed out shit like this. That riff that goes throughout the whole track is fiyah. Im not really a fan of Last Emp, but he kills this track. This is more on the love tip, with some chick singing on the hook. Good shit.

3. Shine - Das Efx
Another Das joint this week. This track is rugged as fuck, if you can tolerate that Diggity Iggity shit for 3 minutes. Another hot as fuck beat though. I love beats with dope basslines like this and keys or vibes up in em.

That bout it for today. Gotta get my ass to work. PEACE.

edit: Also feel free to check out some of my more recent productions. I just added two more beats up.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

That Other Dude: Vordul Mega

I was out digging for music at one of my favourite shops a few days ago. I was mostly looking for vinyl, but decided to look at what was available in the used CD section. I found "The Revolution Of Yung Havoks" by Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox fame on the Nature Sounds imprint. Being a fan of Cannibal Ox and Vast Aire I decided to check this album out. This album wasn't on my "to get" list at all, but since it was used I figured, "what the heck," and bought it anyway. Vordul was "the other guy" in Cannibal Ox. His partner Vast Aire is who really drew me into the group. I liked his gruff voice, intelligent poetic lyrics, and his flow. Vordul was tight but he just didn't have the same spark, so this is something that I wouldn't have checked out if it was brand new. I really wasn't expecting anything dope on it.

The store I frequent allows auditioning of all CD's and all used vinyl. I had a listen to the CD and what I liked initially was the beats, and the consistency of production throughout. I bought the album really on the strength of that. The album is produced mainly by a bunch of unknowns: Belief, Rudy Rock, Opto, Soul Purpose, Dev 1, Block Head, and Omega One. Surprisingly, with such a long list of producers you wouldn't expect the album to be very cohesive. However, it's cohesiveness is it's biggest strength.

All the tracks are hard, aggressive NYC style beats. They are Raw. There is no polish on these, or anything to make 'em sound like they would ever get played on the radio. Most of the beats are dark, grimey and moody. This suits the subject matter of the album. The main topic at hand seems to be hood struggles. Every song and every lyric, just about, is brim full with tales and emotions from the gutter life. This is not a pretty picture. There's no club jams, or feel good songs here. Just stark reality.

I really get the sense that Vordul is an "everyman." He's just a regular cat like you and I expressing himself and what he sees. He is not a superstar rhymer in the least. In fact, his flow is quite monotone, and boring at times, which is the biggest drawback to the album. Don't get me wrong, this is a solid effort and definitely worth checking out if you like gritty, raw, hard, Hip Hop. The depressing subject matter and tone is a lil much at times though. Some less dark tracks thrown here and there would have made this album a bit more enjoyable and a more interesting listen, as well we could've seen another side of Vordul. The guest spots on it do help liven things up. C Rayz Walz, Jean Grae, and Vast Aire all make appearances.

After hearing this solo effort, and the solo efforts of Vast Aire, one thing strikes me. Even though Vast Aire was the MC that really brought Cannibal Ox shine, really these two together are a great pair. They both sound lacking on their own. Neither Vast nor Vordul have quite been able to have the same spark alone that they have together. They have been doing quality solo work, and it's all been fairly consistent, but it's been nothing truly special. These two dudes really need to get back together for another Cannibal Ox album.

Below I'm including some MP3's from the album for you to check out. Also, be sure to check out our on-line store . We have some dope items for sale.

Vordul Mega - Spitamatic (feat. C Rayz Walz)

Vordul Mega - In The Hood (feat. Karnage)
Vordul Mega - Handle That (feat. Vast Aire)

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kon And Amir: On Track And On Time

What's the deal? Since Ive been posting up jazzy mixtapes for a minute, I might as well toss you this one also. Kon & Amir are two diggers that really have some deep crates. On this mixtape they mow thru break after break, juggling and cutting them joints up the whole time. This tape is cool cause they go thru all kinds of rare ish that has been sampled by tons of producers. To think they own all these joints, and doubles of 2/3 of em, is pretty fucking impressive. There is 4 other mixtapes like this so look for em at stores. Mad props to cats like Soulman, Egon, Cut Chemist, Shadow, Diplo, and all the other DJ's that still make tapes or play gigs rocking breakbeats and all that goodness and keeping these joints alive.

Amir: I remember hearing those in my pops' record collection. Like Nautilus, stuff like that. So once I found that, I started going looking for other breaks that people had used, and it just sort of spirals from there. But once you get into cratedigging and record collecting... I don't want to call it a disease (laughs), but it's something that you can't put down. Once you get one, you want more and more and more, because you learn more and more about music. Then after a while it becomes more about what people use, it's more about just finding good music. Finding who plays certain instruments, stuff like that. It's what helps you out, learning how to dig for music.

Kon: (on crate digging) You might consider it a curse at the same time. It's kind of like, over time you develop a pretty vast knowledge of records and music. When you hear new music coming out, it's just pretty much the same old stuff for the most part, nobody's really pushing the envelope. And that sucks, knowing that there are so many kinds of music out there, and knowing that people are just stuck on the same old bullsh--, it's kind of a curse in that way. But at the same time, for myself it's a perk, because I know all this great music that no one else does. There's a small handful of people that are into that, the majority of the people just [listen to] Top 40.

Word up. I had to cut down the mixtape casue I aint cool with just giving you cats the whole joint. Got to support artists and all that jazz. So check this out, cop all five of em, and peep these links. Peace.

Kon & Amir: On Track Vol. 5


Melvin Van Peebles to work on a double album with Madlib for Stones Throw.

Jay Z's nephew died in car crash

My roommate is a ninja

Suicidal Bunnies
Thanks to PT3R for the link

"Live 8 stakes claim as greatest concert"... no comment... and Will Smith running the Live 8 in Philly with Kanye


My audience has gone from being over 95 percent Black 10 years ago to over 95 percent white today

Wife Racing Thanks to Cheech for the link

Hammond Heaven

Mad Primo samples
. OG tracks used by the man. Dope shit.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Podcasting: Part 1

EDIT: Luther Vandross dies at age 54???? WTF is that about. Damn shame.
Just checking in briefly today. I have a dope mixtape/podcast to share today. If you like jazz, funky music and sampling, it'll be up your alley. Lots of Blue Note joints and some real funky shit.. All mixed by me, DJ Haze. Enjoy. Please check out our store and shit and buy some stuff. The forums are officially dead, but its all good. Also we have been added as a part of SOHH's blog division. We joined up with like 5 other dope blogs and formed the first hip hop blog network so we can take this blog shit to the next level. Stay tuned for more info on that ish. Our name is up there now, but due to some technical difficulties on my end (I had my retard moment trying to set it up) our link isn't displayed right. So keep checking back thru the week while Hashim, the admin and creator of the network, gets everything setup. In the meantime enjoy the podcast and some links. I will have a series of posts coming up soon on some slept on and unknown cats that Ive been really feeling. So dont sleep.

The Low End Theory Podcast #1 - DJ Haze


Just Blaze honered at a producers convention

Cheesy Drum Machine heaven

The cats over at 15 mins to live are putting up mad videos. Check that shit out.

Bobby Brown got his own reality tv show. SMOOOKEEE CRACK!!!!

Big's murder is finally going to trial. Took em like 7 years.

Kanye is gettin on my nerves.

Saul Williams Mixtape (thanks to Catch Dubs for the link)

Cuban Linx's got a gang of mp3's up and videos.


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