Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 songs about sexing up females...

Its was long weekend but today I got to relax and got do cool things like go to traffic court for 4 hours. Saw some cool shit over the weekend though. Stopped by the Banksy Piece down in the village. Pretty cool shit but was packed with tourists. I liked the hotdogs in the glass cases. So check that out. Its only going on till Halloween.

Todays music has to do with sexing the ladies. I have been bumping some real chill indie hip hop shit as of late so thats the style.

First joint is "Lovely" by Phat Kat out of Detroit. I really like his album Carte Blanche so go pick that shit up. Ronnie Cash has been killing it over the dilla beats.

Next up is from Gift Of Gab's (Blackalicious) solo effort, "4th Dimensional Rocket Ships". The track I picked is "To Know You". Im loving this beat. I dont really care about Gift of Gab, dude is kind of annoying after a while, but Jake One owns the track with the production. Check for Jake-One's producer album, "White Van Music" which was released recently. Its real good.

Last track is 9th Wonder and Buckshot's track "Throwing Shade". Real nice beat with great Buckshot rhymes. Buck still remains raw after all these years. I check for everything this dude puts out. I advise you to do the same. I like the "shadey hoe" message of the track. BROOKLYN RAISE UP!!!!

Thats it. Gotta go apartment hunting out in Harlem tomorrow. Peaceeeeeee