Saturday, November 18, 2006

Raekwon And El Michaels Affair

I got a promo from Scion a few weeks ago for this new album/tour that El Michaels Affair and Raekwon are doing. Ive been a fan of the Affair for a little while now after I heard a track off Rewind Vol. 5 which had them covering Walk On By. I thought that was pretty cool how they reinterpreted it. After that they did an album on Truth And Soul Records, Sounding Out The City. They have that raw vintage sound that is very familiar to what producers and DJs are digging up to make there own tracks. You would swear that this shit was recorded in 1972. The Affair though is embracing the hip hop cats like the Wu which I think is a great match up. They are bringing that live band aspect to gritty rugged, hip hop which needs to be done a lot more. Some real good shit coming out of Brooklyn. So check Truth and Soul's Myspace (some sick wu covers on there) and check Scion's site for more info on the upcoming album.

I got that promo joint up today for download so check that shit, its in .rar format so use Winrar to extract it. They do a real dope cover of the PJ's produced by Pete Rock which is butta. I also included a track from there first album. So check the links, buy the albums, and goto the shows. Help these dudes out cause they are bringing some new shit to the table and need the support.

El Michaels Affair And Raekwon - Scion Promo