Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Oriana Lee LP. www.writehanded.com

Tonights post is about a real cool women named Oriana Lee. Shes been a friend of mine for a while and showed us mad support when we first started this website. You might also know her husband, Count Bass D. Oriana is a dope poet, educator, music executive, mother, that is doing her thing in a big way. You might remeber her speaking on the Dwight Spitz album and she has been featured on mad online and print publications. Oriana is also helping Bass D as his manager and much more. She is releasing an EP with all new beats from Count Bass D along with a belt line from Unchaste. This is all in combination with her book that is getting released this month entitled, Something to Cope, through her website, Writehanded.com. I just got the promo in the mail and im really digging it. Some real smooth Bass D beats with her lacing some poetry on the top. Its refreshing and a nice change from the shit thats been coming out lately. So keep checking the website for the release of the book. And with that here are 3 tracks from it.

A Padded Room With A View
The Expose
Who Are You Anymore

So check the tracks and hit her blog. She also has a myspace right here. She is a dope chick so show her mad respect and support all that she has got going down. Peace.