Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stay up late and hit the crates and create

Whats good peoples? Its been a minute for a post cause of work and making beats. Ive been doing like 4 or 5 tracks a night lately so I really haven't had the time to mess with blogger. But Ill be posting some shit hopefully this week.

I will be using rapidshare now to upload a .rar file that will stay up for a while. Ill also use the yousendits but with rapidshare theres no limits or links expiring. So that should be cool for heads that dont come thru as often.

Today Imma post some various shit. Some beats Ive been feeling and a cut by the E Brothers that is dope.

rapidshare link (.rar file)
yousendit link

1. Funky Piano - E Bros
Been really feeling this joint lately. These cats are mad slick. These dudes got there break on the New Jersey Drive soundtrack back in the 90's with this track. The lyrics aren't real spectacular, but the beat is what keeps it in rotation. I think Roc Radia did this joint. Using a smooth Les Mccan loop that has been flipped by mad other groups, it just has this real laid back smoked out vibe. Shit is fly. Its just one of those smooth 90's joints, with the dope drums and the nice filtered acoustic bass, with the trademark jeep beat strings layed in there for atmosphere.

2. Lost In Rhodes - DJ Presto
Now lets move onto the instrumentals. This joint here is by DJ Presto. Presto has put out alot of beats that have been featured on various comps from OM records and Mark Farina's Mushrooom Jazz mix series. This track comes off his beat tape, Inflight Instrumentals that dropped in 2003. Very jazzy lounge type beats are on here. Im a fan of this track here cause of the Rhodes patch that is in there. Its mad chill and something to vibe too. Me and this dude think alot alike though in the production side of things. I just got this album and noticed that me and him have sampled alot of the same samples. I guess I have real similar tastes in digging for records as this cat. So if you need some shit to just chill out too while laying around then scoop this joint up.

3. 2000 Seasons - Hi Tek as Reflection Eternal
This cut here is an instrumental by Hi-Tek and Talib's group Reflection Eternal. I originally heard this on Rawkus Records Soundbombing Vol. 1. Another real nice chill piano loop track. I really like these type of joints. Ive always been a fan of Hi-Tek. He has been doing some new shit for big artists lately so he has steered away from these jazzy types of tracks, but son should drop some more shit on this level. I heard dude spends like 2 or 3 weeks just listening to wax and sampling shit like basslines, pianos, and all other sounds. Then he has a big library to work off of and just make beat after beat. Ive seen kanye doing this on some mtv jive a few days ago too. I sample drums that i hear to build a library but that's as far as I go. Got mad drums though.

4. Circus - Jay Dee
This came off of a beat tape by J-Dilla called Vintage. This is a nice smooth track. Dilla has been making some weird shit lately so its nice to hear some jazzy shit outta him. I heard that dilla sets his mpc 3000 to off quantize and does all his drums freehand. To all those that are out the loop, this means that most sequencers (ala Mpc's) have a timing correction feature so that if your sloppy programming notes into it, it will correct it for you and make it sound right. So he turns that shit off and just plays along to a track for like 3 mins straight. Pretty cool shit, and its pretty hard to do if you don't have rock solid timing. This takes years to develop and is a key skill to any musician.

5. Earth Sounds - Madlib (aka Beat Conductor)
I got this off an old 7" record that I got as a promo. Madlib is a rugged cat. He gets a lot of flack cause he likes to loop up shit and call it a day, but son got a real good ear for sounds and arrangements. His latest shit hasn't really been my steez, but when he was back rocking an Sp-1200 back in the 90s, he was one sick motherfucker. This track has that 12 bit crunch to it. There is two beats on here that segue into each other. Shit is dope.

Gil - djhaze
Heres a track by me that I did a while ago. Some smooth jazzy shit. I used a Gil Scott Heron sample for this joint. Chopped it up all crazy and shit and chopped up a dope breakbeat to lay into it. I dont know where I got that other sample though. I think i was fucked up when i did that part. I dunno. But its dope so enjoy that shit.


Hey I dunno if yall mess with Myspace, but Im on there alot so check me out here

Nu-Skratch This is a cool site with trailers for this production movie there making. Shit looks really dope. (thanks to Itchyvinyl)

The Boondocks Episode 1: Part 1 n Part 2 This is a fucking ill show. Shit had me cracking up. I cant wait for the second episode this sunday at 11pm on Adult Swim.

This is mad funny. This dude just cracks up once that other dude starts talking. I couldnt stop laughing at that shit.

Mad Soundfonts I dunno if yall make beats or whatever but here is a bunch of soundfonts for free. Like the mo phat modules sounds and many many more. They are patches of like bass, drums, guitars, keys, etc... You can use soundfonts in programs like reason and fruity loops so dont sleep.

Real funny 50 cent and Howard Stern interview

GZA Interview
(thanks Spine Mag)

Very cool video for the Mark 45 King documentary. Shit is dope. Mad cats talk about how they got in touch with one dope ass motherfucker known as Mark the 45 King. dopedopedope.

and thats that. PEACE!