Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Dont Want To ill, I just want to chill...Large Pro

Fucking dogs mang. Check it out - last night I was mad drunk and I decided to go get some food at like 4am. Took a ride to the 24 hour supermarket and got some eats. Whenever I leave my house my big ass lab rottie dog comes for the ride. So I get this idea to let Stan run around in the parking lot. No harm no foul. So tonight my roommate locked his keys in a car at this wedding and while he was waiting for me he went out with the wedding party. I drive all the way out to club they were drinking at, snatch him up and we go over to this church where he was parked. So I was like "Hey lets let Stan run around here, Its all dark and no ones around. What could happen?" Motherfucker took off. I mean took the fuck off. You would be surprised at the speed of an un-neutered dog on the hunt for some dog puss. The fucked up thing was that we were in some crazy suburb god knows where and there is houses and roads all around for miles. Im running around the fucking woods screaming till I went horse. I love this dog. Dudes been my roommate/best friend for 5 years and to think of him running around thru traffic and shit makes my stomach drop. An hour and a half later just when we were about to give up and let someone find him and call us, this jerkoff comes trucking down the driveway of this church with the biggest shit eating grin I've ever seen on an animal or human. Must have busted the red rocket out on some unsuspecting lucky lady or ate some garbage. Man I seriously have never been this pissed at this animal in my entire life. I don't hit animals cause they bite back and this dog is like a 120 lbs, so now I got his retarded ass confined in the kitchen where he is gonna spend the next day on lock down. Im real fucking sick too, so running around screaming in some wack neighborhood wasn't really the best fucking idea I've ever had. Sorry for the rant but this has one of many crazy events that plagued me in the last few days. So anyways don't trust your pets. You think you know them, but the second another dog's fart hits the wind, they will completely forget they even know you and go out for the hunt. On to the music.

Tonight's post is on one of my favorite producers. Dude has put out some of the best hip hop music I've ever heard and I've been a fan ever since Illmatic dropped. Large Pro is a legend in this music shit. When he was 17 Extra P would program beats for Eric B and Rakim and even caught the attention of Kool G Rap where he did some joints for him. He also taught Prodigy of Mobb Deep how to get down. Getting his weight up and getting schooled by Pete Rock, he showed Primo how to use his Sp1200. Primo returned the favor by letting Large Pro fuck with his record collection. This caught the attention of Wild Pitch records and gov't name William Paul Mitchell, started out his career as part of Main Source along with DJ's K-Cut and Sir Scratch. Handling all the emcee duties and most of the production work on there classic slept on album , Breaking Atoms, Extra P made hip hop history. The track, Live At The BBQ was the debut of heavyweight Nasir Jones, known to the world as Nasty Nas. And this wasn't even the best track. The highlight of the album was the insanely dope cut called Looking Thru The Front Door. This is seriously one of my favorite tracks of all time. From those drums to the simple laid back loop, its seriously one of the finest beats to come out of the 90's. After this he did an album with Geffen Records called simply, The LP. I happened to stumble upon this reissue when I first started spinning and it is seriously one of my favorite records in my crates. Its all worn out from how much I played it. It didn't make a lot of noise outside the hip hop circles in NYC in the Mid 90's (but what did?), but is highly respected by producers and DJ's. The beats are real simple but have so much soul. He does very minimal work on the production. Usually nice fat drums with one melodic sample laid over them and the signature filtered bass that Im so found of. Dude keeps it nice and simple and lets an emcee work his tracks to there best potential. He also really knows his machines inside out. The SP1200 has been this mans right arm and along with Pete Rock have really taking this simple drum machine/sampler, into realms that were undiscovered and really shaped an entire era of music. So any fan off 90's boombap must own this album. LP's recent joints haven't really been up to par though with his earlier work. His latest album was called First Class. Not really crafted as the signature Boom Bap that he is well known for, he decided to make something unique and tried to do some different shit. It was cool and had its moments with cuts like Radioactive, but wasn't really epic like his earlier work. Also I think his emceeing got worse with time, but hey producers and rhyming are two hard feats to juggle at the same time. Not a lot of cats can were these different hats and still excel. At one point I think you have to know your strengths and roll with what your real good at. I think a lot of these cats somewhat do that and start to dedicate there time to one goal instead of trying to master both. Im not an emcee, but a producer and dj. I started spinning but now my focus is on making beats. I still spin out, but it aint like it used to be. The MPC gets all my time but to each his own. So anyways here is some of the highlights off this rugged album. Get em fast cause yousendits been fucking around. Peace.

Have Fun
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