Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jackin' For Beats


EDIT: Suge Knight got shot at a Kanye Party. Goddamn.

A current trend in hip hop is to make a track just using other peoples beats. And the hot shit is when an emcee and a DJ sit down and do a jacking for beats track. Originally started by Ice Cube with his classic jack move, Jackin' Fo Beats, its been a tradition to make a real fast track with a dj flexing there skill mowing thru different beats while an emcee spits over it. Sometimes its some weak ass mix of wack commercial songs with some clown rhyming over them, and other times its a dope megamix that some dj skillfully assembles with mad juggles and cuts, while there emcee pays homage to the cats that he is robbing or just flexes his lyrical skills talking bout how wack the cat was over there own beat. I always liked the indie ones though cause they just do it like the old school cats, actually relying on the DJ instead of rocking along to an mpc ( which is cool, but we need more of that Run-DMC DJ tracks, where the dj has mad time to shine) or some cat pressing play on a deck with just a handful of corny singles from the record stores. I know there is more tracks out there like this but these are the only 10 I had at my disposal. So peep some game.

1. Jacking For Beats - Ice Cube
This is the classic track that started the whole beat heisting steez. Its a real dope mix of all the classics of the time with the DJ cutting em up.. From the east to the west, he just mows thru beat after beat. He just basically speaks bout jackin your beat, and making it better then your tired ass ever could. Some dope shit.

2. 1nce Again (Jackin For Beats REMIX) - ATCQ
On this track Tribe busts lyrics over most of there most popular beats and a few other bangers laced up in there. I love tribe though, so this is some tight shit. I dont know who is DJing but they lay some cuts down while mixing the beats. One of the Native Tongue cats probally.

3. Illadel Jack Move - The High & Mighty
This is one of my favorites cause it really caters to the DJ and respected producer, Mighty Mi. Mr. Eon talks about Phillys style of jackin' others joints and drops a little history bout Philly Hip Hop.. The beats they are rocking over are some classics from the 80's and other classics outta Philly. I like alot of the shit that came out of Philly in the 80's and early 90's. Some of the first gangsta rap was born out there, with dudes like Schooly D. Respect the roots.

4. Jackin' For Beats - Fallacy
Never heard of this cat but he is out in the UK and his DJ got skills. Son can cut and speed thru the tracks. The lyrics are tight also. There is a solid hook, bout eat the rich jack they beats. Shits cool, but not really a fan of son rhyming over Peaches And Cream, and him shouting out Cubase. But overall a solid UK track.

5. Jackin' Yo Freaks - Atmosphere
This is the best joint on here. Mr. Dibbs kills this shit. Cutting up Ante up, NWA , and mowing thru all kinds of dope indie tracks from Def Jux, and all the other hot underground tracks, Dibbs gets nasty with it. This dude is a serious turntablist. I heard he is crazy as hell also, like cutting himself and puking onstage and shit. Also the concept is cool, with Slug rhyming bout banging your girl, and getting kinky with groupies. A nice lil change from the GIMMIE THAT BEAT FOO!!! steez.

6. Jackin' For Beats '99 - Sticky Fingaz
Ah son from Onyx is pissed. This track is the real violent take on stealing beats. I had this on some mixtape like 6 or 7 years ago. Its got all the hot thug shit from back in the 90's. Sticky also kills the shit flipping mad diff styles and even busting into dirty south steez for a few lines. Shit is nuts. I wish he was this dope on his LP's though.

7. Jackin Fo Beats ft. Fabolus - The Game
This is a tight mix going from west to east. The Game starts most of the joints and then Fabolus finishes the verses. Compton meets Brooklyn. The tracks are tight ranging from NWA, Tupac, and most of Bad Boy's 90's catalogue. Not a fan of either artists but this is a hot track. This was featured on some mixtape.

8. Jackin fo Beats - T.I.
Some southern heat. T.I. is like one of the only southern cats ive been feeling lately. Im cool with his voice and he got skills so I can get down with son. He goes through all kinds of joints from Nas's Thiefs Theme, to that Dipset/Easy E/NWA track. The track is thugged the fuck out, which most of the time I think is lame, but this comes out cool.

9. Jackin Fo Beats - Talib Kweli
This is with Cypha Sounds on the beats. He goes through some hot shit, but im not really feeling Talib. He just was having an off day or some shit. Also Cypha aint really flexing any DJ skills on this track at all. He just rubs in tracks all sloppy like some lazy fucker. Not one the best on the list but it still counts bitch.

10. Fuck this track. I was gonna put 10 in, but this track sucks cock. So no need to waste yall's time with this garbage. Outta site outta mind.

And thats how cats make jack moves on mixtapes. GIMME THAT BEAT FOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it gangsta. Peace

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