Friday, July 29, 2005

Emanon - The Waiting Room

Whats up all. Today I want to feature an album that I have really been feeling lately. Emanon's (Named after a Dizzy Gillespie song with the same title, meaning No Name spelled backwards) new album, The Waiting Room, is some serious heat. Its a unique album that features a variety of different cuts. From party tracks, to love songs, and even accapella joints. Its very refreshing in the world of indie hip hop cause there really is no one doing anything like them. Emanon is composed of emcee/musician Aloe Blacc and DJ Exile. These two cats have been working with eachover since high school, when Exile, a graff artist and DJ, was making mixtapes putting all the new hot shit on the a side and on the b side he would feature emcees on his beats. He needed an emcee for the one track and in comes Aloe Blacc. They have been working together ever since. They also have successful solo careers also. Aloe is now a part of the Stones Throw family as a solo artist. As a group though, they dropped an ep on Ill Boogie records entitled, Anon & On which was received very well within the hip hop community. 3 years later they dropped there latest effort, The Waiting Room. I just copped it on vinyl this weekend and I have to say this shit is butter. These cats really have some different and very musical shit going on. There tracks are well developed and are not just the traditional style of beats that most hip hop cats rock over. Im really digging Exiles production skills on the tracks. He uses very smooth jazzy samples with breakbeats weaved in just right. Lots of nice chill vibey keys and filtered basslines all over the place. And on Aloe's end there is a lot of singing that goes along with the rhymes. This is real cool. It really adds alot to the music. They are on the label Shaman Work who also features Wale Oyjide and other dope indie cats that dont really fit into that traditional indie hip hop scene. So check these mp3's out and go cop the album. Its worth it.

1. Six Million Ways
This is my favorite track on this album. The beat is real reflective and just has that real deep vibe to it. The lyrics are all about mortality and just different vices that wind up destroying you in the long run. From family problems and growing up, to women, to drug abuse. Exile actually is rhyming on the track.

2. She Thinks
A real dope love song. This is some real smooth shit. Aloe just sings on the whole track and it comes off real tight. The beat is real layed back and fits the mood of the vocals right to a tee. its really about leaving your girl and breaking up. Dope shit.

3. More Then You Know
Im a fan of love songs so this is hot also. This one is more about meeting a women and thouse feelings that you have when you first start chilling with a chick and just expressing your feelings. The beat has that chill jazzy guitar tip and the nice chill keys in the back. I really like this joint.

4. Farewell
This is the last cut on the ablum and its there way of saying goodbye on the album. The beat starts out with a nice chill vibed out sample then breaks into a dope bassline where they kick some dope lyrics about politics and culture and just saying farewell to it all. The hook is hot and wraps up the album real nice.

So all and all a real tight album. Please support these cats and buy this joint. You will not be dissapointed. Peace.