Thursday, June 30, 2005

God Damn. Im finally back

Whats up all? My pc took a crap on me so ive been offline for about 3 or 4 weeks. I want to thank Lou for holding it down while Ive been on my little hiatus. Ill be doing a bunch of dope posts this week so keep checking back. Ive got to read mad emails and install software to get me up to speed again right now so I gotta jet. Ill throw up some music for that azz real quick though.

Das EFX - The Real Hip Hop
I found this track on some record that has Pete Rock's greatest hits on it. The label, Archives INC., has like 2 vol.'s of just dope P to the Raaah remix's and classics. Jamal's, Fade Em All, is on there and that shit is classic. On the other vinyl there is Soul Brother #1's remix of P.E's Shut Em Down. They also make Tribe, Primo, Black Sheep, EPMD, and mad other groups, greatest hits or unreleased track albums. Keep your eyes out for em.

Nice & Smooth - Funky For You
Damn this is some hot shit. I always loved Nice & Smooth. I think the first track that I heard them on was D.W.Y.C.K. by GnG. This beat here rocks the Impeach the Pres drums, and kicks into a real funky loop produced by Teddy Ted. Drink Hennneeseeee eeeeeee.

Platinum Pied Pipers - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Now I got this cd as a promo a while ago. These dudes are aight. They have a few tracks with Dilla and Sa-Ra that are cool. Im not really a fan of cats singing on tracks like Seal's ass, but this shit is dope. A real jazzy beat thats not really hip hop, more like chill jazz/downtempo/house or whatever genre you want to throw it in. Got some nice keys at the end. Look for the CD in stores and

Thats it for now. I got a bunch of good shit coming up so dont sleep. Also we have a little thing popping off with SOHH.COM and Ill speak more on that in the week. Peace.