Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Man, you ever have one of those weeks when shit is just fucked up? I've been working my ass off for the last two weeks at the day job and in the studio, and on top of that shit the motherfucking cops are harrasing me. It all started a week ago when these pricks decided to pull me over for my registration and inspection being expired. The reg was expired on 1/20/04, but fuck them. Anyways, I catch 2 citations for that nonsense. Then all of a sudden every fucking cop has a hard on for me. I got pulled over twice after this. Now I aint been pulled over in a good year or two, so for this bullshit to happen in the last week is on some other shit. Now I gotta pay these cocks a grip of loot. But whatever. The shit that really pisses me off is that today when I go to work I hear that Johnny Law been looking for me. Now it happens on Fri night I was leaving work and I drilled this retards car behind me. I wasn’t really paying attention cause I was out of it from working nine hours, but this chick came flying up on my ass when I was leaving, and she got what she was looking for. I hop out the van and go look at it with her and she just has this fucking look on her face like OOOOHHHHH LAWWWD THE WORLD IS GOING TO FUCKING END!!!!!!!!!, while her clown ass man just sat in the car looking stupid. And to make it worse there was a bunch of punk ass kids all sitting around in the parking lot going "OHHH SHIT HE JUST FUCKED HER CAR UP!!!!!!! OHHHH SHIT!!!!" Making my life more unpleasant then it already was. Upon further inspection I concur that there is no damage to either vehicles and I say, "Well what do you want to do? Should I call the police?" This moron just looks at me and says no. At least I think she does. I was trying to get my ass home to drink the 40's that I just bought. So I was like "Aight then, PEACE!", and got my ass in my van and drove home. She wasn't to amused with this, apparently, so she decided to go into my job and talk MADDD shit bout me, calling me an asshole and a bunch of other choice comments. My bosses are pretty cool though and they defended me and told her to relax. And they knew the officer that came in so they just ended it right there. Thank god, cause if a pig decides to pull me over, I get the privilege of being arrested for this warrant bullshit that they issued and that I decided not to pay till Im good and ready, god damnit.. Fuck that ten day deadline shit. I'll get you your money on my time. If my landlord and the cable company get it like that, what makes these pricks any different in my eyes? So on that note I have to say, fuck the police cause they suck and they make my life hard. God damnit. Well enough ranting and lets get on to the hate mixtape I prepared for you fuckers. Oh and hit The Low End Theory Forums for free music and all that jazz. Shit has been bumping lately. Mad mp3s and other shit. Sign up to get into the mp3 section.


Fuck the Police - NWA
The classic cop hate song. This song has every member of NWA venting on the cops. This song stirred up mad controversy back in the day. They just are expressing the way young black males get fucked with by these pricks and the harassment that 5-0 gives people. Some classic shit.

Deep Cover - Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre
This is my jam. "YEAHHHH AND YOU DONT STOP!!!!!! 187 ON AN UNDERCOVER COP!" This song is about some entrapment shit that an undercover trying to bust Dre and Snoop doing a drug deal. Snoop and Dre gonna meet up with some corrupt cops that are trying to get them to work for them. So Snoop blasts them. This was off the soundtrack to a movie by the same name. The movie is pretty dope and this song really got cats amped when it came out.

Sound Of The Police - KRS ONE
Black Cop - KRS ONE
Two songs by the Blastmaster. You get the idea. Black cop has that dope beat and the cuts on the hook. It's all bout black cops messing with black dudes and black on black crime. Shit is tight. Sound of The Po Po is KRS' venting on the cops in his hood and the way they fuck with cats.

Cop Killer - Ice T
This song caused all kinds of problems when it got released. Ice T got martyred for this shit. His album was pulled and he had cats like Charleton Heston cracking down on him. This shit pissed MAD people off. Got Warner to even drop Ice T. This group was Ice T's all black heavy metal band, Body Count. It was supposed to be an expression of cats feelings towards the 5-0 but they were not feeling that at all. So that makes it ten times cooler.

Pigs - Cypress Hill
This is the hot shit. The beat is rugged as fuck. Muggs kills this shit. I like the theme of the song cause it breaks it down lil piggy style and details the stories of various pigs throughout the city and the corruption. Shit is dope.

Fuck the Police! - Jay Dee
This is a dope Jay Dilla production. Jay Dee spits on how the cops fuck with everyone, how much he hates them, and how they are corrupt and how they fuck with cats. Basically follows suit with the rest of these songs I’m posting.

Cop Hell - Mobb Deep
This is an earlier Mobb joint. This song is bout getting them fuckers. Hav and P talk bout getting harassed by 5-0 and shooting at them and whooping there asses with nightsticks and shit. Basically, it's on the killer tip and they gonna send these cops to Cop Hell, cause they're hardcore and all that ish.

Ghetto Bird - Ice Cube
This song is all bout the helicopter in the hood chasing cats down. It details Ice Cube driving around and having one of these things chasing him and fucking with him. Dope west coast steez.

Low Class Conspircsy - Lord Qaus
Now the indie take on 5-0. This song starts out with Quas and Madlib driving to a party smoking trees and some Narcs roll up and harass them and search the whip and all that jazz. The beat is crazy chill. Some nice jazzy shit that rides with the theme.

Cop Hell - Nighthawks
This is the only good song of this ill fated concept album put together by Camu Tau and Cage. It's supposed to be like that movie with Billy D and that white dude, called Nighthawks. The song is bout some corrupt ass cops running around causing hell and doing shady shit. Dope beat but the album sucks cock. This is really the only shit I can bump off it.

I Shot The Sheriff - Bob Marley
This is the bonus cut of the night. This is the classic cop killing song. Bob pops the sheriff and has to deal with the repercussions. I like this version more then the Clapton song. Some ragga steelo.

And that’s that. I’m not serious bout hating or killing the cops and shit, so I don’t want to see no hate mail and all that or my ass on some list somewhere. This is just for entertainment value and we here at the Low End Theory don’t advocate anything that I just said and expressed in this posting. Cops have their purpose, but they get on my nerves sometimes. So don’t take all this serious, just some good ol' cop hating fun. And if you do take offense to this, your panties are to tight and get a fucking life! Peace and hit up the forums.