Wednesday, April 20, 2005

King Asiatic

Antonio Hardy aka Big Daddy Kane aka King Asiatic Nobody's Equal is one of Hip Hop's dopest artists. During the late 80's early 90's (Hip Hop's Golden Period) Big Daddy Kane was in top form both creatively and career wise. He was one of the few rappers that could blend raw tough lyricism, 5 percent speak, be a "Smooth Operator" for the ladies, and still maintain his cred. Big Daddy Kane is also responsible or played some part in some of Hip Hop's most indelible moments and classic songs.

Big Daddy Kane had been in the Hip Hop scene since the very early 80's at the least. Kane's career in the music business starte when he met Biz Markie in 1984. From that point on they became friends, and Kane often co-wrote Biz Markie's lyrics. In 1987 they both hooked up with legendary producer, and head of The Juice Crew, Marley Marl. Big Daddy Kane then became an integral part of the group often co-writing other members material. Kane released his first single "Raw," and the classic debut album "Long Live The Kane" in 1988, and followed up in 1989 with the stellar "It's A Big Daddy Thing." This album features Kane's best "player" track "Smooth Operator" and one of my favourite all time Kane tracks "Another Victory," which samples another one of my all time favourite tracks "Melting Pot" by Booker T. And The M.G.'s.

After this point is where Big Daddy kane unfortunately started to fall off. He released the album "A Taste Of Chocolate" in 1990, which although had it's high points, it also suffered from some very sub par corny R and B influenced songs. Unfortunately Kane followed the same formula in 1991 with "Prince Of Darkness." In 1993 Kane came back to his more lyrical and street roots with "It Looks Like A Job For." However, Hip Hop had gone through many changes and Kane came with an album with an antiquated sound that definitely lacked the fire of previous albums. In 1994 Kane released "Daddy's Home" which was largely a forgettable effort. His last and possibly final album was released in 1998. It was entitled "Veteranz Day." It was an independent release and it also failed to make it's mark.

Regardless of Kane's later unsuccessful albums, he still remains a Hip Hop icon that will never be forgotten. His earlier work is just so dope that he will always have a place in Hip Hop history. In fact, Kane still makes very rare appearances on tracks and albums, showing he still has enough juice to flow with the best of them.

I have included my favourite Big Daddy Kane tracks below. Check 'em out. Also Don't forget to join The Low End Theory Forums. It's full of free shit.

Another Victory
Young Gifted And Black
Nuff Respect
The Man The Icon