Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ruff, Rugged, and Raw: Beats, Rhymes and Some Links Son

Ive been feelin the whole random mp3 posts so imma do another joint like that. Tonight its gonna be focused on a few dope hip hop songs that I have had on rotation. Also please do us a favor and sign up at The Low End Theory forums. Were trying to make it fly, but its hard with no members. Thanks to Brother B of All Thangs Funky for adding some flavor on there. Props. :) Now to the jams.

1. Afu Ra- Whirlwind Thru Cities
Ah this track is off Afu Ra's first album, Body of the Life Force. This was a tight album. Afu actually first debuted with Jeru Tha Damaja on "Mental Stamina" in 1994. He then guested on Jeru's second album, Wrath of the Math, then released this cut as his first single in 1998. This track was produced by DJ Roach. The key sample is real dope and I love Afu's lyrics.

2.Masta Ace- Lets Take a Walk (ft. Apocalypse)
This cut here was off Masta Ace's Disposable Arts album. He dropped this after a six year hiatus from the rap game. This album was a more bitter and a pissed off take on the industry then his earlier joints. I think it is one of the dopest Masta Ace albums. His new one though is mad tight, Long Hot Summer. One of last years best releases in my opinion. Anyways, this track has that ill vocal sample and that throbbin bassline. Its an eerie ghetto narrative and really paints a picture of the "hood". Also Apocalypse is rugged as fuck. I really liked him on this track, but think he kills shit on Long Hot Summer with that track, Da Grind. If u don’t have that album scoop it up. And while u at it get this joint also.

3. Nightmares On Wax - 70's 80's
4. Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits
5. Nightmares On Wax - Survial
I want to feature a few cuts from these cats. Nightmares is more of a downtempo group then hip hop. George Evelyn (aka EASE - 'Experimental Sample Expert') and Kevin Harper formed together via a breakdance crew, and then dropped there first single in 1990, Dextrous. They dropped another track called Aftermath. This tracked peaked to no.38 on the charts and established a sound called " 'Northern Bleep' - a homebrewed, North-East digital-break sound masterminded by The Forgemasters, LFO and Unique 3, to name some." They still kept to the hip hop beats even though they had a unique electronic sound. They then dropped there album, A Word Of Science: The First And Final Chapter. After this album dropped NoW disappeared for a few and George built up his library of samples. They then dropped there album Smokers Delight which was very hip hop geared. They also incorporated a lot of live instrumentation with samples on that album. It was like a hip hop chill out album. Lots of real dope head knodding beats. There beats have a lot of different influences from electro to reggae all fused into one unique sound. Kevin has left the band, and in his place, a rapper, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and a singer have filled in the gap. George uses his mpc as the drummer and uses samples to color the live sound. Some dope shit. There latest album was called, Mind Elevation and had a pretty decent promotion and backin. Check it out.

Now for the links.

First up is Suge Knight is in trooooooooooouble.

North Korea is pretty fucking pissed. They goin to war son! (thanks to Tic Toc for the link)

Mad old school hip hop videos.

Ghostface plans on releasing 3 new albums this year, including the MF DOOM collabo. Pretty Tone knows the deal.

C-Murder loses his murder appeal. Looks like no trial for a minute. And Master P and his bro plead not guilty to gun charges. No Limit is always on some shit.

Shyne's money is held back due to the "Son of Sam" law. Aint that a bitch.

50 Cent partying with rich white people in his crib, having a good ol time. Thats hood son. Gangsta.

and thats it for tonight fuckers.

oh and hit the forums. Dont be a bitch. PEACE