Monday, March 14, 2005

Record Conventions Are The Shit.

I just went to a record convention yesterday at the Woodlands Inn, in Wilkes PA. I thought it was gonna be run of the mill nonsense, but i was greatly mistaken. There was like 40 vendors and mad jazz and funk crates. I had a field day up in that bitch. I spent like 3 hours in there diggin through every jazz crate i could find. I wound up dropping like $140 on food for my sampler. I wish I had more money to piss away there, but gotta pay these bills. Lots of rare jazz and funky tunes. They also had rock and hip hop records out the ass. Defiantly worth it. And I didn't really see any diggers there. There was one other cat rockin a YRB skullie, diggin thru the jazz, but that was it. Some of the albums were a little pricey, but for most good condition joints, about $8 to $10. They also have CD’s, movies, posters, but mainly bins and bins of records. Admission is free and they are coming to the New York area in April. So if u need some dope records save your money and hit it up.

April 10th - Deerfield Fire Hall, Trenton Rd., Utica, NY
April 17th - Holiday Inn, South Cayuga, Ithaca, NY
May 15th - Sai Bless Inn, 65 Front St., Binghamton, NY

They will be doing another round of shows in November with venues in PA and around the tri state area. I will keep u posted.

(Also if anyone knows about any conventions coming to your area, please shoot me an email and i will put it up on the blog.)