Friday, March 04, 2005

Jehst: Alcoholic Author

Aight, I’m not really a fan of UK hip hop. I think Dizee Rascal (oh check out So Many Shrimps lil news report on this dork) and The Streets suck big cock, but this cat here has got some talent. Jehst is a UK emcee and producer, who has grimy boombap beats and decent lyrics. Most emcees from the UK suffer from that mushmouth bullshit, but this dude is actually understandable. Jehst is signed to the UK label Lowlife with other indie hip hop acts, like Braintax and Rodney P. He started out a few years ago and hooked up with this cat Evil Ed and formed the YNR collective and label. He then dropped his first EP on there called, "Premonitions". This a decent album but he sounded real young on the mic and the beats were nothing spectacular. Also through this album he got in touch with J-Zone and did a track. He then moved to the Lowlife family and dropped his second EP, "High Plains Drifter". I liked this album. It had some decent beats and the emceeing was more evolved then on Premonitions. His latest album, "Falling Down", is his best work. This is the album I discovered him on and I was pretty impressed. The beats are real grimy. He uses ill breaks, and has good samples that add a lot of depth to the tracks. The DJ on there, I dunno who it is, cuts dope hip hop phrases in almost every track. If you are interested in hearing new talent from outside of the US, this dude is the first place to start. You can buy his wax or cd's off, Lowlife.

Give It Hear-ft. Klashenkoff
Alcoholic Author
Manimals - ft. Usmaan and the Sun Dragon