Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Keepin it Random Since a Week Ago..


"Gene Harris and the Three Sounds for soul/jazz listeners" - Madlib

What up. Do yaself a favor, and Listen to THIS (Gene Harris - Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong). Koushik from Stonesthrow has spinned this in a mix but this is the OG version (from Astral Signal, 1974). If you haven't heard it yet then your missing out. I'm not gonna write up a whole review on what I think about this cat right now, so that link up there should help you out if your interested

Anyone buy wax on ebay? Here's an ILL site to use next time your searching for that hard to find LP (or that Gene Harris). Some secret weapon shit. You type in what your looking for and click generate, and that thing finds all the mispelled listings for that item. Not just vinyl but that's what I mainly have used it for. Some people are dumb enough to not double check and proofread after they list their item. Anyway I've found some good shit by using that, and then after you buy it check here to see what it goes for. I go by the lowest listed price on that site because for every record some dude is trying to sell it for $200

Since I mainly post about the digs, here's something that my boy unearthed from some old hip hop tapes. Who's up on Pop Megga? I can't find any info about this dude but I know that he only dropped one single back in the day and THIS WAS IT (Pop Megga - Ghetto News). The track is real hot tho..hes rockin over that same beat that Mobb Deep used. Definitely a hip hop crates gem. I'm gonna try to drop a new tape rip every day so stay tuned.

Edit - The links are fixed..good looks Haze