Sunday, February 27, 2005


Salvador Dali - Clock Explosion

How ill is that painting? We'll get to that in a minute..

Yall fools are sleepin. No responses on that Sun Ra post? Was anyone feelin what they heard? Is anyone reading this? Do not sleep on Sunny Ray. Damn. These blogs are creepy, it's like giving a speech to 300 heads except you don't see them while you do it. Let me know how you feel. Post a comment ...yall got Fruity Loops open so fast you forget to listen first. I ain't mad at ya though, so please accept this ''hilarious mime routine'' as a sign of peace. Peace God, it's a new which can only be celebrated by a song called The Mexican and a mime routine. This shit is sure to do the trick, unless your SOUL is FRIGID. The song's been covered alot, you should recognize it. If you don't feel this theres no hope for you

What up to DIRTY DON from NYshitty, he's requested some articles that are gonna be coming soon..Gil Scott Heron, Sun Ra PART DEUX, and the one and only BEETHOVEN..yeah kid, I said, yall are sleepin...

Check these paintings by Salvador Dali while your bumping that Sun Ra. Dali is the mastermind behind some real ill artwork, like that Clock Explosion up there ^^^. Hooked up courtesy of the Dirty Don, I wouldn't have known about this dude if he hadn't put me on

If that's not enough to hold you down.. come on feeet! do ya thaaang!!

Last but not least...for all you hip hop heads, Supercharger Records just released a bangin mixtape, Supercharger Records Presents the Campaign. From what I'm reading I guess it was only released overseas so far, but you can order it from the store section of their site. Highly recommended if you like raw beats and rhymes. -- This is what happens when you buy this REKKID. Here's a little sample of the rawness (Kain Slim, Propoganda, Mod the Black Marvel - Bust Em Down)