Saturday, February 26, 2005

He Came From Outer Space...

Sun Ra, July 1973

Presume the unpredictable

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Some cool links on that page too, here's everything you need to know from his very own dedicated website. I'm not gonna go on long about him because i'll end up writing a book and shit, so these links should hold you down. Check this short biography too (scroll down). Ra claimed he was from the planet Saturn and had interplanetary connections that were responsible for all the music he made. I'll take some of those connections man. Everything about this guy is genius to me, from the more contemporary work he did to the bugged out, science fiction madness. From the 10 minute bongo drum solos to tracks where every instrument in the Arkestra was flaring out of control, and everything in between - its all relevant. Theres alot of truth in his music. You just have to listen. Everytime I listen to his music I take away snapshots of the universe as he portrayed them through sound. Like he was giving us a sample of sound from other galaxies. Other then music, he made his own movie and accompanying soundtrack. Close-minded fools need not apply. To everyone who loves psychedelic, spiritual and mind expanding shit, then you need to buy the movie ASAP. Along with whatever albums you can find. Good luck finding OG vinyls tho, but reissues are around. I was lucky enough to get ahold of a whole lot of his LPs, so I can share the genius that is Sun Ra. Here are 2 tracks that Im feeling at the moment

A Quiet Place in the Universe (Sun Ra - A Quiet Place in the Universe, 1976)
Watusa (Sun Ra - Space is the Place OST, 1973)

Space is the Place

More coming soon..