Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm Kurious

Kurious Jorge was working as a foot messenger for Def Jam when he was discovered by Primeminister Pete Nice and Daddy Rich for his ill freestyle skills. He guested on "Three Blind Mice", then dropped a single called "Walk Like a Duck". The Puerto-Rican emcee then dropped his debut and only album, A Constipated Monkey, on Bobbito Garcia's and Pete Nice's short lived (aka Dj Cucumber Slice), Hooplah Records, (pre-Fondle em). The Beatnuts did some of the production and Lord Sear did the cuts. The banger of this joint is "Im Kurious". He didnt drop a second LP, but he guested on KMD's second album Black Bastards, and was part of the CM (Constipated Monkeys) crew. CM crew was composed of Kurious, KMD, Lord Sear, Earthquake, Bobbito, and MF Grimm. Definalty a rugged group of cats. If u see this album scoop it up. Its a classic.

Im Kurious
Top Notch ft. The Beatnuts
Stop Smoking that Shit - Kmd ft. CM Crew