Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yo Metal Fingers Lace The Beat With Fire Water.....


Mf Doom, aka Vik Vaughn, Zev Love X and a couple of other wierd ass aliases, is killin it. If u didnt read the interview in the first post, then u sleeping. The mp3s at the end of this post are some of his different projects and characters.

Doom started out in KMD with his brother Subroc (Rip). They worked with Mc Serch, of 3rd Bass fame, and did a cut called the Gasface. It was well recieved and then they dropped an album called Mr. Hood. I wasnt really feeling that joint that much, the production was tight, done by Doom. But the rhymes were real mediocore and weren't really catching. but then they came out with Black Bastards a few years later, well kinda.

Black Bastards was shelved because of the cover art. It had a pic of a black cartoon character being hung and I guess the label wasnt really feeling that too much. It got released later on by Fondle 'Em and Doom's Metal Fingers label. This was ill. This record was on a darker tip then Mr. Hood and had some real raw beats and ill lyrics. It was on some gritty New York type hip hop. And the rhymes were ten times better, but more violent and dark in some points. The beats were real tight. Lots of jazzy loops and breakbeats all over that joint. Towards the end of making that record though, Subroc got into a car accident and died.

Doom, took a lil time off, and came back out with Operation Doomsday. This album was straight fire. Not giving a rats ass 'bout clearing samples, he jacked a good chunk of Marvel Comics samples, Sade loops, even Beatles loops, and created the supervillian identity known as MF DOOM. This album was Mf Doom's proper debut. He came out and really made a big impact with this joint. His whole concept vibe and the villian idenity made waves throughout the indie scene. Nobody was doing shit like that. It was refreshing.

He did some other projects after that with Monster Island Czars, his crew. And the King Gheodrah album. I wasnt a big fan of the emcees on it, but the beats were butter. Doom has always been a good producer in my eyes. He dropped some instumental albums called Special Herbs that is just him on the beats. He also did an ep with MF Grim round the same time.

He then dropped the Vik Vaughn joint. Vik Vaughn is another identity within Doom's multiple personalitities. Viks more about the puss and the album is different then what Doom's other joints offer. It seems to be a little darker and more about relationships, then the super adventures of Mf Doom.

Last year he collabed with Madlib to release Madvillainy. Supposedly, a few tracks were made on an sp303 and done in a weekend. The rest were done on a sp1200. This got Dooms name out to a big audience. This album was marketed pretty decently compared to his ones before it. Stones Throw and the Madlib name, brought him to a larger audience. This is what really got him noticed. A tight album with some ill beats and some ill concepts. It's a tight joint though, so buy that shit or I'll hump your mother.

Most recently Doom dropped his newest album, MM Food. It's a good album with alot of instrumental tracks featuring him on the production. Count Bass D does the stand out track in my opinion, but Doom kills it. He then went on to do a track with De La Soul, and now homes is blowing up. Rumors are that he is working with Ghostface for a few joints and is maybe doing some beats on Ghost's new album. He might even work with Reakwon for Cuban Linx 2. So look out for homes gettin paid in the '05

Saliva-prod. by RJD2
Mic Sounds Right
Potholders-ft. Count Bass D