Monday, February 28, 2005

OH SNAP, 50 Responds to Joey Crack

God damn. Someone gonna get capped. The folks over at Trickology have posted 50's reponse to Fat Joe and the Jadakiss beef. He talks to K-Slay for bout 10 minutes and says some pretty crazy shit. Someone gonna die. Or maybe this is just a really good marketing plan. Hmmmm.....

Anyways, enough of that bullshit.

This is kinda of hot. This is a trailer for this movie called Copyright Criminals: This is a Sampling Sport. Its "a new Kembrew McLeod/Ben Franzen co-directed documentary featuring "world famous Hip Hop artists, activists, academics, cut-up artists and others cogently and persuasively discussing the case for sampling." Pretty ill shit. Check it out if you make beats or DJ. Or just like to listen to hip hop artists and producers bullshit. (I wanna thank the homie elmacaco for getting me a working link, oh and btw is Harry Allen a midget?)

Here is a couple of pretty ill interviews by the P-Brothers. These cats used to do work with Bigdaddy Magazine (a real ill UK mag bout beatdiggin and funk and soul samples. I dont know what happened to them though. I stopped seeing the mag in the record store like a year ago. If anyone knows how to get backissues or if they even still around, hit me up at The Low End Theory) EDIT: Thank you to Dom who provided the link to Bigdaddys, new page and name Grand Slam. I just hit them up for a subscription. I would advise you cats to do the same. The magazine is straight fire.

Some cat posted up bout every Big L mp3 at this site. Get em while u can.

Check out the 40oz Archive and get the 8 Ball rollin. Im a big fan of Mickeys Ice and Camo. I love drinking 3 of thouse and blacking out. Good times....

Thats it for now. Tommorow I will have another installment of the DITC saga featuring Showbiz, if i can get off my lazy ass and write it. So stay tuned.