Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Somebody Got To Die. 50 vs. Game

Woah shit is hitting the fan. 50 went on Hot 97 and said the Game is kicked out of G-Unit. Then a shooting took place at Hot 97. There is a lot of conflicting stories of what happened. Some are saying that one of 50's security was shot, while Games brother, Big Fase, posted on Games website, The Black Wallstreet, saying that one of his mans got shot and he is holding 50 responsible. So I dunno. Shit is getting thick. Over at Jay Smooth's site, there is more detailed reports and constant updates of the situation. Over at Okayplayer, there is audio of 50 talking to Funk Flex, and him being ushered out the building. Also Jadakiss speaks on the beef with DJ Clue. (Courtesy of Cuban Links) Allhiphop.com covers the story too. I think this is getting a little out of hand now and someone is gettin real close to being buried. 50 has managed to beef with too many people to walk away unscathed by all this. I will try and provide more updates as the story unwinds.