Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Do It 'Til You're Satisfied: BT Express

BT Express or the Brooklyn Trucker Express is a nine piece ensemble that originally came together in 1972 as The King Davis House Rockers. They became BT Express shortly before they released their first album and biggest hit "Do It 'Til Your Satisfied." BT Express blended Funk, Soul, and Disco seamlessly. They have had a few very big hits which were on their first few albums on Sceptre Records. In 1977 the group left Sceptre for Columbia Records where their downfall began, and they never had the same success again. The Group disbanded shortly thereafter, but has emerged again through many personnel changes, and the group still does shows to this day. Their career also has a few highlights that include playing fo the royalty of Thailand, playing at the White House for President Jimmy Carter, having their own parade to Brooklyn City Hall, and having that day declared BT Express day.

BT Express have been sampled by many great artists for many great songs. Two of my favourites are "This House Is Smokin'" which was sampled on 3rd Bass' song "Triple Stage Darkness," and "Everything Good To You" which was sampled on DMX's first hit "Get At Me Dawg." Even though BT Express isn't a very obscure group, they are responsible for providing the essential elements for many producers/beatmakers to make some classic Hip Hop tracks.

I have included MP3's below of "This House is Smokin'," and "Everything Good To You," which are on their debut album "Do It 'Til Your Satisfied." I've also included "You Got It - I Want It" from their second album "Non-Stop," which was sampled by The 2 Live Crew on their Banned In The U.S.A. album. Get your BT Express here.

This House Is Smokin'
Everything Good To You
You Got It - I Want It