Tuesday, March 08, 2005

One Be Lo aka One Man Army

Lately I've been on the indie hip hop tip. Today imma talk about One Be Lo. This dude was one part of Binary Star. They were a group from Michigan that released an album called, "Waterworld" back in 1999. With limited distribution the album was mad slept on so they remixed, remastered it, and re-released it under the title, "Masters Of The Universe". This album did pretty good and got them some recognition. They broke up soon after the release of this album and One Man Army, as he was known then, changed his name to One Be Lo (due to a metal group of the same name) and started working on his solo project. The album that he came out with is called, "S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M". This album was released on Fat Beats and distributed by BMI so it had a decent backing and promotion. He and his Trackezoid crew, did all the production on the album. The beats are pretty ill consisting of a lot of deep, jazzy, key riffs, and errie strings with gritty drums and filtered basses. The lyrics are real conscious but become a little to much to digest at some points. He gives u a little too much in my opinion. For the most part though the album is one of the better joints I peeped lately. The joints I posted are some of the iller tracks off the album. I’m really feeling the beat on E.T. I like the melody and it has that gritty vibe to it. Go pick it up if your looking for something different then the usual crap that’s being released.

Ences Eht No Krab
Sleepwalking-ft. Ka Di