Friday, March 11, 2005

Takin It Back to '82...


Put the sampler down, and peep some good music

I'm a big disco fan, drum machine-era and all, fuck it. But not all of it is the stereotypical shit you think of when you hear the word DISCO. Alot of the 79-81 stuff had live drums and instrumentation. This type of disco is more funk oriented (it gets confusing trying to seperate the 2). I like both sides, from the super cheesy drum machine/Casio synths to the live disco bands ('79,'80). We're gonna hit both extremes of the spectrum today kids. Get the cocaine and the platforms out

First up is some classic-yet-slept on shit, a band formed in the early 70s, called Kleeer (everything you need to know). This is a group that, through their first few albums (pre 85), fall under the live disco band category - With a dedicated drummer/producer (Woody Cunningham) and 3 other band members who rocked various instruments and percussion. Here is one of my all time favorite tracks by them, by anyone really. Circa 1979, with all 4 band members doin their thing. If you like that song, then I highly recommend any of their albums from 79-82, '84 and '85 are for the hardcore disco fans. We'll get to that...

D-Train is next...Now if your already up on disco music, I'm probably not putting you on to anything new. I'll cover the rare disco eventually. But if you're new here's some more classic shit. This song ("Keep On") is from 1982, sampled by Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz, also 112 redid the vocals for the Biggie track "Sky is the Limit". Just some smooth shit to vibe to, once you hear the OG version why even mess with the sampled versions?

In 1985 the drum machines were running rampant. This was the year when disco was pretty much over and that wack 80's mellow garbage was whining in a new era. Disco would still be made on into the early 90s but any kind of 'golden era' for it was already long over. In 1985 one of my favorite groups Rene and Angela dropped "A Street Called Desire" which was too cheesy even for me. For the most part anyway, the classic "I'll Be Good" (think Jay-Z and Foxy Brown), is too ill. There's one other hot track too but I bought the LP strictly for I'll Be Good

EDIT - yousendit is acting up...when I get a chance I'll upload that "I'll Be Good" track

This is just a little beginner course into the disco shit, I've got mad 1979-1980 LPs that are highly overlooked, that more funk oriented stuff I was talking about. I'm gonna get into that next time, for now, enjoy the music