Saturday, April 09, 2005

Made In Canada: Audio Research

Today's post is actually the result of a quite accidental finding. I was actually at a local library doing some research recently and just decided to look through the Vocal section of the library's rack of cd's, which basically consists of a hodge podge of anything that doesn't fit into Rock, Classical, Jazz, or Soundtracks. After thumbing through a few cd's I came across Rugged Radio Saturday mixed by the one and only, 3 time consecutive DMC champion, DJ Craze.

I ended up checking it out of the library along with some books and a few other pretty interesting musical finds. When I got home I decided, like I usually do when I get a bunch of new cd's to listen to, I go through and skim through the tracks on them all just to get a first impression. When I got to Rugged Radio Saturday I was instantly captured, and instead of just skimming I actually ended up listening to almost the whole work and made frequent use of the skip back button on my stereo's remote control. Basically, the cd is dope!!! Rugged Radio Saturday is Audio Research Records first foray into Compact Disc Releases. It features previously released tracks which were only available on vinyl.

Audio Research Records is an independent label based out of Montreal Canada. The label was started in 1997 by DMC, ITF, and Vestax Champion DJ A-Trak and various associates, such as Dave One, who wanted to put out music that they liked, and of course especially that was made by themselves and their associates. The label's main artists are the extremely dope Obscure Disorder from Montreal, D-Shade, Troy Dunnit, and DJ Serious who is a very talented producer and has worked with Masta Ace. The label has a mission to put out quality, original, and "true school" Hip Hop. In many ways they have a similar ethic to Peanut Butter Wolf's Stones Throw Records.

Audio Research has also released albums from United States' labels which they are partnered with. Namely, Non-Phixion's Uncle Howie Records, Ammo(DJ Craze's label) and Uncle Junior/7 Heads, among others. Audio Research is also known for many vinyl releases geared strictly for DJ's. These consist mostly of break records put out under the names of some of the members of The Allies: A-Trak, Craze, Klever, etc. which all happen to be world championship winning DJ's.

Audio Research is a label that is steadily growing and diversifying while staying true to their vision and ethics. They are branching out and trying more risky releases in a Peanut Butter Wolf/Stones Throw kinda way by releasing material that is more funk orientated as well. Audio Research has also recently joined forces with Universal Music Canada, so look for their releases to be more widely available in the future.

Below I've added 3 MP3's from my favourite cuts from Rugged Radio Saturday. Also, be sure to join The Low End Theory Forums. There is a lot of free shit!!

Obscure Disorder - 2004
DJ Serious feat. Theo3 - Snakes
Obscure Disorder - The Grill