Monday, May 09, 2005

Gimmie The Loot! The Robbery Track

Todays post is going to be on robberies. This has always been a subject that has been covered in rap songs, from doing the robbery to getting robbed. Artists have expressed different angles of getting jacked or plotting to jack someone for years. I have about 7 songs that go through different scenarios of a heist. Also please hit up the forums. Members have been posting up some real good music lately. You have to be a member to view the mp3 forum.

1. Ski Mask Way - 50 Cent
I’m not really a big 50 fan anymore. His first single How to Rob, was some classic shit, but lately I feel a lot of his tracks are watered down and not really the quality they used to be. Especially on his newest album the Massacre. This track though was the stand on one in my opinion. Disco D, a Detroit "ghetto tech" producer, did this beat. Shit is real hot. This track basically is 50 talking bout jacking you the "ski mask way". Which means that he just gonna kick in your door and take your watch and your chains and shit. And hog tie your mom's. Its just funny to have Disco D doing the track, cause he a little white dude who looks like he doing shit the "nerd-hop way".

2. Gimmie The Loot - Biggie
This track is a classic robbery track. It is straight up about Biggies passion for robbing cats. Biggies does two voices on this track, a high pitched version of Biggie that is supposed to be Bigs partner in the caper, and his bad assed self. The chorus is one of the ruggedest hooks in the last ten years. Also the beat is laced proper. I always wondered though why the fuck the word "pregnant" was edited out that track, considering the rest of the track was obscene as fuck. Puff Daddy and his pussy ass like "Well we can keep all the hard-core killing and stick up lyrics, but this preggers shit gotta go. That’s crossing the line."

3. Robbery - Necro
Here is the hard-core white dude take on robbery. This beat was originally used by DJ Serious ft D-sisive on a track called - Popped which had pretty weak lyrics but an ill beat. Necro does his whole shock rap shit and spits all about him jacking cats with that crazy ass flow of his. I hate bootleg demos though cause on the hook the DJ or whoever recorded this shit has a problem with his levels and cuts the volume of the track out for a few sec’s. Hooptie shit.

4. Our Secret - Souls Of Mischief
Now here is the indie take on robbery. These dudes dont really seem that threatening when they robbing. I can see these dudes like robbing there school at night, or some other non- threatening B & E. I just cant picture these cats rolling up on someone and robbing them point blank. The beat is real tight though. Got the classic break rocking and the funky loop going through it and the dope horns on the hook.

5. The Heist Revisited - Big L
Now here’s a track about plotting and following through on a stick up. L leaves the studio and catches a call from his boy, talking bout his wife and some cats just got a room at the Holiday Inn. L rolls up in there with his crew and kills these cats and his girl and winds up getting mad herb, yayo, and bout 2 million in cash. See that’s why you don’t cheat on your man ladies. Big L didn’t fuck around. I like this beat better then the OG version. Got more of the funky pimp shit going on. Good robbery music.

6. Intruder Alert - Sauce Money
Here’s another track about conspiring. Sauce gets woken up by his boy and dude laid down the scheme that these other cats had about jacking Sauce. Sauce like fuck that shit, imma go to his crib, rob his ass, and pop him in the head before he gets at me. This is a Primo production and shit bumps like usual. I like the cuts that Primo uses on the melody.

7. Great Live Caper - J. Rawls feat. J-Live
Now this track is all about getting robbed. J-Live comes home from the gym, and notices that his place has been broken into and that they stole nothing else but his rhyme book. J-Live expresses the feelings and anxiety of getting robbed real well in this track. He then gets his "homing" device and hunts these cats down and winds up blowing up the plane they are escaping on with his rhyme book. Hahaha. I’m not making this shit up. A pretty decent J. Rawls beat with some cuts and choir voices on the hook.

And that is it. Its a jack move fool. And one more time please check out the forums to get some free shit. Peace.


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