Monday, May 02, 2005

Hey Ladies: The Chick Song

Almost every rapper puts an ode to the opposite sex on there albums. Whether it be a dedication or a hate track, they usually deal with the subject of relationships in at least one of there cuts. Today imma showcase a few tracks that use women as the theme and go through the various stages of relationships and just straight up songs bout fucking. Also please hit up the forums, we got a lot of dope shit in there this week thanks to the contributing forum members. You have to join to gain access to the music section.

Can I Get With You?
These songs are about meeting women and kicking a little game.

Be My Girl ft. Solomen Child - Theodore Unit
This track is Solomen meeting a women and expressing how much he wants to be with her. Its on that thug love tip. This track is off the Theodore Unit mixtape 718 that Ghostface released last year. The beat is tight and Solomen kicks that shit proper.

Could You Be? - Vast Aire
This track is a more indie take on meeting a women and kicking some game. Vast spits about meeting his women of his dreams and talks about how she could be the one for him. This track is off of Vast's solo album, Look Ma No Hands, and was produced by Madlib. This is one of the best tracks on that album. The beat is on some slick shit. A nice key riff and a dope breakbeat for Vast to rock on. A little singing on the hook ties it up.

Passin Me By - Pharcyde
Now this track is more about getting rejected while trying to get with some ladies. The members from Pharcyde each talk about different dilemmas while lusting for someone and getting turned down, or just "passing me by". The beat is rugged, taking a loop of Quincy Jones, Summer in The City. This is off there album, Bizarre Ride Pt. 2.

Always (Ninth Wonder Remix) - Kev Brown

This joint is by Kev Brown, a dope upcoming producer with some sick beats. Its all about a producers take on ladies and lusting for women. He talks about being mad lonely cause he always in the lab and never gets out but always has women on his mind. Its a frustrating gig to make beats on the serious tip. The og track is aight, but this remix is banging. Ninth killed it with this one.

I Dont Know - Slum Village
This track her is all about fucking with the chick that you know deep down that you shouldn’t be fucking with. The one that is gonna fuck you up in the long run, but you still "don't know why your fucking with her". The beat is mad tight, a smooth Dilla Production, with some James Brown wordplay going on. One of my favorite tracks off of Fantastic Vol. 2.

Sex Type Thing
These songs are about getting freaky with chicks.

She Swallowed It - N.W.A.
This is the classic track about some freak nasty shit. This track is on some crazy shit. MC Ren goes through how he gets on some wild shit with chicks. The chorus is mad funny with Eazy E's telling his lady, "Dont Matta Just Dont Bite It". A classic track.

One More Chance - Biggie
This one is one of my favorite Biggie tracks. The cut is all about sexing. Biggie gets on some real shit talking bout the ladies and how he gets down. I dunno how a big ugly muthafucka like B.I.G. got so much puss, but he apparently "got that good dick, girl u didnt know". The beat is laced proper and the intro is some funny shit.

Strawberry - Ghostface
This cuts about Pretty Tone getting nasty with bitches, with him describing it in full detail. The beat is crazy tight, and when the beat breaks and Rza interrupts Ghostface getting some knowledge had me cracking up. This one is off Bulletproof Wallets.

Electric Relaxation - ATCQ
This is a smooth track outta Tribes Camp about sexing up honeys. Q-tip and Phife spit about lusting for chicks and boning them. One of the dopest tracks from Tribe in my opinion. The beat has that real chill vibe and the bassline is sick. I think that’s a Ron Carter sample on the bass but I’m not sure.

Clinic - Big L

Now this is the track about the negative side of hitting skins. This whole track is about how Big L got burnt and him regretting putting a helmet on his soldier. A ill PSA from Lamont Coleman. The beat is traditional DITC flavor and the little key loop in the chorus is dope.

These tracks are about cats expressing some deep shit about there ladies.

This One - Diamond D
This track is real dope. This song is Diamond D talking about how much he loves his girl and what she means to him. Some deep shit from the Best Producer On The Mic. The chorus has Busta Rhymes spitting a loop about "This one right muthafucking here". The beat is on some real reflective shit and compliments the whole vibe of the track. I’m loving the keys. This is off of Diamonds, Hatreds Passions and Infidelity.

Queen - Chief Kamachi
This joint is by a somewhat unknown cat from Philly, by the name of Chief Kamachi. He basically talks about how much he loves his "Nubian Queen" and him describing his love for her. The beat is rugged as fuck and the hook is tight. One of my favorite tracks off his album Cult Status.

Breaking Up
These tracks are about getting your heart broken and shit on by a chick.

Just A Friend - Biz Mark
This is Biz's track about him kicking game and having the chick tell him, that "hes just a friend". It winds up with Biz meeting his girl at her college and walking in while she getting busy with some cat. Aint that a trip?

Fancy Clown - Madvillan

This joint is about Vik Vaughn finding out that his girl has been fucking around on him and him confronting her on the phone. Its on some deep shit about him getting crushed by this and his hatred and anger about it. If you ever been caught up like this, Doom hits that shit right on the head. The beat is done up by Madlib and got a real soulful vibe going on.

Situation - Madlib (Lootpack)
This is another about heartbreak and getting used. This comes from the Beat Conductors point of view. Lib describes how heartbroken he is and how fucked up shit got when his girl cheated on him. The beat is real dope and fits the depressing vibe perfect.

Da Bitchiz' - Jeru
This joint isn’t really about breaking up, but about scheming chicks that out to use you and fuck you up. Jeru describes the difference between a bitch and a lady. This is all about the scheming hoes that are out for your papes and how they use the fuck out of you for material gains. The beat is done up by Primo and has that laid back jazzy horn loop running through it.

So there you have it. That is hip hop's take on the ladies. Enjoy these 18 tracks. And join up at the forums for more dope tracks. Peace.