Sunday, April 24, 2005

Behind The Scenes Of The Source - Reginald Dennis Speaks

Founder of XXL magazine Reginald Dennis speaks very candidly about his experiences as being a scribe at "Hip Hop's Bible" The Source Magazine in the latest exclusive at down after clicking the link the 1st part of the piece will be there) It is a lengthy 3 part piece that details the breadth of the former Source editor's career at The Source, and what led him to create his own Hip Hop publication: XXL.

The meat and potatoes of the article is basically the strange host/parasite or extortionee/extortionist relationship that exists between David Mays and Ray Benzino ("co-owners" of The Source), and how Ray's influence on David Mays and The Source is one of the biggest factors in what many see as The Source's probable (inevitable?) demise.

Now, the fact that Ray Benzino is a negative influence on The Source is something that is widely known. However, Reginald gives you the insider's look at what was actually happening within the confines of The Source's offices when most of us were oblivious to what was happening. Most of us at the time were fiending for the mag. to drop every month so we could pick it up and go straight to the record review section, and check out how many "mics" future release albums recieved. Most of the time The Source was on point, but I'm sure we all remember when the reviews and album ratings turned biased. It was probaly around the same time we saw 3 page "Made Men" ads. Things that make you go "hmmmmmm."

Well, after reading this interview you may never look at another Source mag. the same, and that's pretty much all I'm going to say. You have to read the exclusive for yourself. I've added 3 tracks on this post. They don't relate to the post. They are just something I felt like posting at the moment. Enjoy!

It's Real - Mic Geronimo
Who Got Da Props - Black Moon
Ronnie Laws - Tidal Wave (main song sampled for Who Got Da Props)