Friday, May 06, 2005

Not The Fifty Your Thinkin' 'Bout!

Today I'm doing a post on a slept on M.C. who has worked with some of Hip Hop's biggest heavyweights. Buc Fifty is an M.C. that has been on the grind for years. He was born in New Rochelle, New York where he starting rapping at the age of 12. By the time he was 16 he moved to Los Angeles and decided to try and make a name for himself there. He became part of a crew called The Wascalz and made his debut on an Eazy-E EP "5150: Home For Tha Sick," and followed that up later with an appearance on The Pharcyde's classic debut album Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. At that time he was known as "Bucwhead," and rapped with a high pitched voice.

His crew, The Wascalz, released a few 12 inch singles on Delicious Vinyl. An album was to follow but it was never released. Later on Buc was working on an album with Fat Lip from The Pharcyde, but reportedly Fat Lip no longer wanted to work with him because of his violent nature. Shortly thereafter Buc hooked up with a then unknown producer by the name of The Alchemist and began working on music. They released a few singles on DJ Muggs Soul Assassins label, and then for Vancouver Canada based label Battle Axe. Buc Fifty was supposed to release an album entitled "Nigga Heaven" which was to be produced almost entirely by Alchemist, but it was never released. Buc Fifty did however release an album a few years later called "Bad Man" which unfortunately had no material produced by The Alchemist but it was still a decent release. Buc has recently released a new album entitled "Serve The Devil, Praise The Lord." Which is produced by J-Swift, Ralph M from Funkdoobiest, Nucleus, and DJ Revolution.

Buc Fifty's subject matter for the most part is street, gully, and gangster. He has quite the opposite image of many of the artists he collaborates and works with. His beats are hard and have an underground appeal to them, but the lyrics are more along the lines of any pop "gangster" record out there. In other words, Buc Fifty strikes a nice balance between "Nerd-Hop" and Hip Hop's more thugged out styles.

I am including only the MP3's of the Buc Fifty tracks that were produced by the one and only Alchemist, as these are fairly scarce. I apologize for the sound quality of the files. Also, if you haven't yet joined The Low End Theory Forums please do so. It is constantly being updated with MP3's from DJ Haze, the forum members, and I. Peace!

Still Breathin'
Worst Enemy
Buc Buc Buc
Permanent Scars
Scandalous feat. Tha Liks
Bad Man
Comin' With Me
Killer Technology
Metal's Advocate
Jacking For Fan's