Thursday, May 12, 2005


Today I decided to write about a legendary and mysterious album and group: The Skull Snaps. The reason why this group is so legenday is because they have provided Hip Hop with one of it's hardest and most loved drum breaks. It's the drum break that starts off The Snap's "It's A New Day." What is also so interesting about this group is that they only released the one album, no one has heard of them since, and no one even knows the names of the musicians involved. It's a shame really, because their work is really tight.

After listening to this album I was fairly surprised. Most of the tracks are pretty much your standard soul music with a dash of funk sprinkled on top. If you like straight up soul music you will enjoy this. If you are simply digging for beats, well you will find a few treats on here as well, but be warned The Skull Snaps ain't no Kool & The Gang, the arrangements and such are relatively simple, but still effective.

If you find this album I do suggest picking it up. It is relatively rare. However, it's been raped for samples. No Lie! A quick search on will show many entries of songs that have sampled The Snaps. The only one that really took me by surprise was Alanis Morissette sampling them for her song called "Still." I gotta check that joint out just because that's so outta left field. As far as Hip Hop artists that have sampled The Snaps it ranges from anyone from Public Enemy, Diamond D, Ultramagnetic MC's, The Alkaholiks, Redman, Blackmoom, and the list goes on, and grows larger every year.

I have some MP3's by The Skull Snaps below. I have included the joints with their oft sampled breaks as well as something that shows their diversity. Don't forget to join The Low End Theory Forums if you haven't done so. There is a lot of free shit, and a lot of great contributions.

It's A New Day
I'm Your Pimp