Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Im on the grind, but I still got that money on my mind..."

you know what is fucked up? if you search for "work sucks" or "my job sucks" on yahoo pictures, you get alot of blowjob pics.

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Anyway, today’s post is going to be on work. Working a 9 to 5 and being a musician, or any sort of artist, is a tough gig. You have to do some mind-numbing bullshit all day just to pay the bills, so you can make music and get closer to your goals. Lately, I feel I never have any time to work in the studio and take care of business. I mean, I still make a beat a day, but I gotta do that when I get out late at night, and wind up staying up till 5 am or just being real tired and accomplishing nothing. For the last two years, I was a scrub that didn’t work at all, but was in the lab seriously 10 hours a day. I got mad shit done, and learned the trade. I kinda miss that shit. It's cool though cause you have to make ends meet. Back then I couldn’t even afford food and had to do some ill shit to make rent. Now I got some money, so I can invest that into my music and keep the lights on, but I just don’t have the time I wish I had. Also having a job is less stressful in the long run cause living the trife life ain’t too cool. If you had to live off Ramen Noodles and ice tea/Kool Aid powder for a while, you know where I'm coming from. So it works out. But it's hard realizing your getting older and still having your lame ass day job. I know a lot of you out there feel this shit. Cats with talent, creative drive, and a desire to make something out of their lives instead of moving up the Walmart corporate ladder, or becoming the head manager at the car wash. Ive had a ton of weird jobs throughout the years, such as valet parking, telemarketing, managing a bookstore, supermarkets, retail, waiter, and a lot more. Now I do deliveries and you should see some of the characters I have to deal with. I’ve seen some bizarre shit there. Yesterday I had a retarded dude fall on me in his house and start crying saying, "I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!". Not cool. And a little while ago, I went to this nursing home, and the people were rolling down the hall in wheelchairs screaming "I WANT TO DIE!!! KILL ME!!!", while leaving a trail of piss. All for $5.15 an hour and some hurting tips. But you gotta get your hustle on to pay bills and have somewhere to sleep at night. And It's even harder when you have kids, credit card, medical, car, you name it, adding up. So with that little rant, today’s songs are about working on the grind and getting by, trying to move toward the bigger picture in life, instead of being a slave to some bullshit job that you despise.


Da Grind ft. Apocalypse - Masta Ace
I might have posted this song up before but this joint is on some real shit. This song has Masta Ace and Apoc talking about their daily struggle and the need to make it in music, while having to work and grind to get there. I like Apoc's verse the best. Just the overwhelming task of balancing music and making ends meet is what hits home with me. The beat is crazy tight. I think it was done by Krysalis. This track is off Ace's new album, Long Hot Summer.

God's Work - Murs
Ahh a joint bout waking up hungover, getting ready for work while rushing out the door, being stuck in traffic, being late, and dealing with bullshit when you get there. I know everyone here has had a day like this. I usually have like 2 a week. I hate the feeling of being late. Getting all anxious and freaking out on the ride there having to do that walk inside feeling like everyone is looking at you and knows you just done fucked up. Not a good look. This beat is rugged as fuck. I wasn’t a big fan of Murs until a a few months ago. I had some of his older shit, but lately I’ve been feeling dude. I thought that Living Legends shit was lame, but his solo joints are aight. He is on some tight productions most of the time also.

Fuck a Job - Soul Postion
This is a cut off that 8 Million Stories LP. Soul Position is comprised of RJD2 on the beats and Blueprint handling the emcee duties. The track is all about how Blueprint is a computer programmer and how disposable he is in the whole corporate machine. How he has no identity and his whole career can be thrown away over a meeting, and by computers and technology making him obsolete. This is some real shit. My pops had this problem recently. He worked as a manager at AT&T for the last 25 years, till they starting slipping and their stock fell hard, so they had to do massive layoffs. His options were to stay around and get fired inevitably with no reimbursement, or just take a package and leave. After 25 years of loyal service, this is how they repay him. He wound up getting a fucking watch for 25 years of service. Dude just got a job now at half the salary, after not being able to find work for almost 2 years. He is 52 years old now and still has to work 40 hours a week. This is a big reason why I dropped out of college and started doing music, cause I ain't going out like that. So fuck a job. This track is dope. I like how he flips the KRS-ONE, "Outta Here" hook. RJD2 also handles that shit on the beat.

I wanna go home - Ugly Duckling
I just started checking these dudes out. The beats are aight. The emceeing gets a little corny on ALOT of their tracks, along with the skits. They got this Meat Shake theme throughout this album, that is just gaye, but they shine with tracks like this. This track is about waking up, going to work and just wanting to leave. Like when you roll up in there and you wish you called out cause it sucks so bad. This is about 90% of my days.

5 0'clock ft. Phonte Of Lil Brother - The Perceptionists
This cut is off their new album, Black Dialogue. It's a song bout leaving the grind and getting home and unwinding. Doing what you want instead of dealing with your jobs bullshit, like chilling, putting on some records and laying around. Phonte is on the hook singing some shit, instead of rapping this time. Fakts-One does a good job on the beat. I like that filtered guitar with the LFO on it.

The Grind Date - De La Soul
This is off De La's new album with the same title. It's all bout coming up in the rap game and grinding and working your way up the ladder. Pos, talks bout the motivation and dedication to pursuing the "grind" with music. Maseo talks bout his experiences with his first contract and where he was at when he came into the game. The beat is ill. This whole album was dope. I thought this was one of the better releases of last year.

You Dont Work You Dont Eat - WC & The Maad Circle
This track has that gangsta west coast funk. Those trademark Zapp/P Funk basslines over some funky ass keys and guitars. This shit is about just hustling and growing up and making money and working. WC talks bout he used to work at the chicken shack hustling fried chickie. "MCDONALDS IS MY SPOT!!!" Some dope west coast ish. This track also features Jay Dee, (not Jay Dilla) who I think is incarcerated right now on some weird murder charge that smells like some setup shit. I’m not sure though. If anyone has any links to this cat please post them in the comments section.

Boss Man - Bo Diddly

Here we go with the non hip hop joints. This one is bout Bo pleading to his boss man to have sympathy on him and understand his plight. Dude works all day, got rent, kids, the whole nine. Shit got them funky ol' pianos. And that good ol' jive to it.

Working In A Coal Mine - Lee Dorsey

I think everyone has heard this track in one form or another. BT Express did an ill instrumental cover of it. Shit is dope though. It starts out with a nice breakbeat and goes into some funky bass and cool harmonies with the vocals. Then Lee gets on and talks bout working in a coal mine, waking up at 5 am, being too tired to move when he gets off. Shit the title kinda tells it all. You know how much that would suck? I think my job is beat, this shit must really fucking blow goat dick.

And there you have it. Songs bout working and the daily grind. If you dont work, or you have some kind of trust fund so you can sit around and jerkoff all day, you suck. So join the forums and get on the mailing list. Trust me it's worth it. And buy some Low End Theory gear. Peace.