Monday, June 06, 2005

Ay Yo....C'mere...shhh ...Yo...You Want Some Of That Rock?!!

Admittedly, I don't listen to a lot of comedy albums. I could probably count on one hand how many I have listened to, but you know what??? I can't even remember the ones I've heard to count them anyways, so scew it. I've pretty much just listened to them once and forgot about them. This has been my M.O. when it comes to comedy albums, until I heard Chris Rock's Never Scared. (It is a DVD also)

Now I have heard Chris Rock albums before, and to tell you the truth I can't remember a single thing from them, but this album is incredibly funny, insightful, intelligent, and memorable. I enjoyed every bit of it, save some of the stupid skits. I think why I enjoyed it so much is because so much of the shit he says is absolutely true, and the kicker is that it's absolutely offensive much of the time too. I now regard Chris Rock as a comic genius. I think he's absolutely brilliant now. I remember him on Saturday Night Live and a few of his movies. To be quite honest, I was never that impressed with him, or thought he was that funny. I guess doing skits and acting is just really not his forte. Even the skits on Never Scared kinda suck, even though they were produced by the equally brilliant producer Prince Paul. I guess stand-up comedy is truly Rock's niche and genius. He's that good. To me he is getting better with time too. Even some of his latest movies are pretty good and also doing very well at the box office. I admit, it's good to see Rock finally get his. He has been working hard in the biz for a very long time.

Some of my favourite moments on this disc have to do with music. Most of the album is compromised of audio recorded from his stand-up show. He has one bit on Hip Hop and how he is 39 and still loves it, but hates that he has to constantly defend it. It's true though. How many times have you had to defend your love of Rap/Hip Hop? I know I have to. Sometimes it's like a daily thing. He is also right that there are some things about the music that are just damn near impossible to defend. Namely the mysogyny and violence. Chris Rock also talks very candidly about his thoughts on Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. It may not have been as funny as Dave Chappelle's "Pee On You" skit (A parody of R. Kelly) from The Dave Chappelle Show, but it's still very funny and insightful.

I don't want to try and paint the picture that this disc is mostly funny shit about music, because it's not. Far from it. Chris Rock touches on a vast array of topics that range from politics, to child rearing, to relationships, marriage, racism, wealth, etc. etc. If you crave some great comedy that is intelligent, daring, political, relevant, and "in your face," pick up Chris Rock's Never Scared. It comes with a bonus DVD that shows footage of the making of the album. You see how much of a perfectionist Chris Rock really is.

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Chris Rock - Rap Stand Up
Chris Rock - Drugs, Donuts, and Wealth
Chris Rock - Real People Of Ignorance (Tattoo)