Saturday, July 09, 2005


Thats one cool baby. I love days like this. Mean hangover but no work. So I can sit on my lazy ass all day and watch TV. All I got for you today is some dope music by some dope artists. Its a nice eclectic selection for today. Also check out the links.

1. Live As It Gets - Reef The Lost Cause
Got this off a sampler for reefs new album. Shit is pure fire. This beat is disgusting. That bassline that rocks thru it gets me mad amped. Its one of those joints thats so simple and minimal but just has that feeling. Got mad heart. If you haven't heard of Reef you've been sleeping. He is a real slick emcee from out of Philly and kills shit on the mic. I think he has a lot of talent but sometimes rocks over the wrong beats. The Canibus syndrome. Beats like this though make him shine like a mutha. Dude has the fundamentals of an emcee down to a tee. He got cadence, concepts, wit, and intelligence. So scoop up his joints whenever you can.

2. Mindgames (Sneaky Pete Edit) - Rich Medina
This is off a 7" that was put out with Madlib. Rich is a DJ from Philly who is has been getting mad dap as of late. The last few years dudes been getting a lot of work. I think he still holds down a few nights in Philly, and has guested on mad peoples albums. You can hear him talk some cosmic shit on King Britt's BBE release. (Forget the name - do ya homework) This beat is real chill with some lush vibes and nice synth arrangements over some slick drums. Some chill party music.

3. Ponytail - Corduroy
This is my shit here. Some UK cats making real funky music. I love shit like this. Real funky keys and arrangements. There aren't a lot of cats that really are getting down like this, so to see these cats doing it is ill. Other groups that somewhat do this are Soul Live and Bullfrog. I stole this Bio of Corduroy off Yahoo music.
The acid jazz outfit Corduroy assembled singer/keyboardist Scott Addison, his drummer brother Ben, guitarist Simon Nelson-Smith, and bassist Richard Searle (a former member of '80s one-hit wonders Doctor & the Medics). Formed from the ashes of the short-lived Brit-pop group Boys Wonder, Corduroy played their first gig -- a one-off New Year's Eve date -- in 1991; the performance proved so successful that its members agreed to continue on full-time, soon signing to the Acid Jazz label and issuing their debut LP, the largely instrumental Dad Man Cat, in 1992. High Havoc -- the soundtrack to an imaginary film -- followed a year later, launching the U.K. Top Ten hits "Something in My Eye," "The Frighteners," and "London, England." In the wake of 1994's Out of Here, however, Acid Jazz dropped Corduroy from its roster; after a long hiatus, the group finally landed on the Big Cat label, where they resurfaced in 1997 with The New You! ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide Written by Jason Ankeny
4. The Night My Girlfriend Left Me - Prince Paul
Here is some real chill zoning music. This beat is off Paul's new Ittstrumental album. Some real slick shit. Paul needs to make a lot of beats like this. Real simple melody with some strings layed behind it on some real punchy ass drums and a sub-bass. The vocal snippets are heat also and really tie in the theme of the track to the music. My only problem is the fucking emcee (Paul Barman?) that comes in towards the middle of the track. Muthafucka is wack as hell. It almost ruins the beat. But overall this is one of my favorite Prince Paul productions in a long time.


Aight if you dont know this, Im a producer by trade. Please feel free to check out some of my beats HERE. If you are a fan of the site and the kinds of music that we put up you will enjoy some of my joints. So check that out. Shameless self promotion over.

Rocksteady's 28th Anniversary
. Im defiantly going to this shit.

Oh shit Showbiz is dropping an album. Dope shit.

Lil Kim getting locked up
!! Looks like she finally gonna find out how many licks it takes a prison lez to get her "magic shit".

Vintage Hip Hop Flyers And Photos This is really tight (thanks to Featherboy for the link)

Dope production clothing. Imma have to cop the mpc tee's.

Chris Tucker getting pulled over for speeding

Steinski interview at Monkey Funk

Killa Cam arrested for driving with a suspended license. DIPPP SETT!!!!!

MF DOOM mask on ebay.

Popular words used by Hip Hop Bloggers
. I myself use lots of cussin and the word "Cats"

Mad Hip Hop Videos
. GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!

And that is it for today. Time to fire up the mpc and get busy. Peace.