Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Please set me at ease..

Happy post July 4th and all that jazz. Im fighting a mean hangover and bout to goto work so I thought I would post up some cool tunes before I bounced. The 4th was cool, even though I had to work all night, but when I got home we lit off like $500 worth of fireworks, got the cops called on us, got real hammered, and made some beats. So all and all a good night. Today Imma just throw up some dope mp3's for you to groove to.

1. Please Set Me At Ease - Bobbi Humphrey
A nice chill track by the dope misses of smooth jazz. This track has been sampled by mad cats but I just like to sit back and zone out to it. Some real nice arrangements and the vibe is mad laid back. Some chilling around the crib music.

2. Do You Really Care - The Last Emperor
Now these beats are what I really get into. I love chill vibed out shit like this. That riff that goes throughout the whole track is fiyah. Im not really a fan of Last Emp, but he kills this track. This is more on the love tip, with some chick singing on the hook. Good shit.

3. Shine - Das Efx
Another Das joint this week. This track is rugged as fuck, if you can tolerate that Diggity Iggity shit for 3 minutes. Another hot as fuck beat though. I love beats with dope basslines like this and keys or vibes up in em.

That bout it for today. Gotta get my ass to work. PEACE.

edit: Also feel free to check out some of my more recent productions. I just added two more beats up.