Friday, July 01, 2005

Podcasting: Part 1

EDIT: Luther Vandross dies at age 54???? WTF is that about. Damn shame.
Just checking in briefly today. I have a dope mixtape/podcast to share today. If you like jazz, funky music and sampling, it'll be up your alley. Lots of Blue Note joints and some real funky shit.. All mixed by me, DJ Haze. Enjoy. Please check out our store and shit and buy some stuff. The forums are officially dead, but its all good. Also we have been added as a part of SOHH's blog division. We joined up with like 5 other dope blogs and formed the first hip hop blog network so we can take this blog shit to the next level. Stay tuned for more info on that ish. Our name is up there now, but due to some technical difficulties on my end (I had my retard moment trying to set it up) our link isn't displayed right. So keep checking back thru the week while Hashim, the admin and creator of the network, gets everything setup. In the meantime enjoy the podcast and some links. I will have a series of posts coming up soon on some slept on and unknown cats that Ive been really feeling. So dont sleep.

The Low End Theory Podcast #1 - DJ Haze


Just Blaze honered at a producers convention

Cheesy Drum Machine heaven

The cats over at 15 mins to live are putting up mad videos. Check that shit out.

Bobby Brown got his own reality tv show. SMOOOKEEE CRACK!!!!

Big's murder is finally going to trial. Took em like 7 years.

Kanye is gettin on my nerves.

Saul Williams Mixtape (thanks to Catch Dubs for the link)

Cuban Linx's got a gang of mp3's up and videos.