Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kon And Amir: On Track And On Time

What's the deal? Since Ive been posting up jazzy mixtapes for a minute, I might as well toss you this one also. Kon & Amir are two diggers that really have some deep crates. On this mixtape they mow thru break after break, juggling and cutting them joints up the whole time. This tape is cool cause they go thru all kinds of rare ish that has been sampled by tons of producers. To think they own all these joints, and doubles of 2/3 of em, is pretty fucking impressive. There is 4 other mixtapes like this so look for em at stores. Mad props to cats like Soulman, Egon, Cut Chemist, Shadow, Diplo, and all the other DJ's that still make tapes or play gigs rocking breakbeats and all that goodness and keeping these joints alive.

Amir: I remember hearing those in my pops' record collection. Like Nautilus, stuff like that. So once I found that, I started going looking for other breaks that people had used, and it just sort of spirals from there. But once you get into cratedigging and record collecting... I don't want to call it a disease (laughs), but it's something that you can't put down. Once you get one, you want more and more and more, because you learn more and more about music. Then after a while it becomes more about what people use, it's more about just finding good music. Finding who plays certain instruments, stuff like that. It's what helps you out, learning how to dig for music.

Kon: (on crate digging) You might consider it a curse at the same time. It's kind of like, over time you develop a pretty vast knowledge of records and music. When you hear new music coming out, it's just pretty much the same old stuff for the most part, nobody's really pushing the envelope. And that sucks, knowing that there are so many kinds of music out there, and knowing that people are just stuck on the same old bullsh--, it's kind of a curse in that way. But at the same time, for myself it's a perk, because I know all this great music that no one else does. There's a small handful of people that are into that, the majority of the people just [listen to] Top 40.

Word up. I had to cut down the mixtape casue I aint cool with just giving you cats the whole joint. Got to support artists and all that jazz. So check this out, cop all five of em, and peep these links. Peace.

Kon & Amir: On Track Vol. 5


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