Thursday, July 21, 2005


If you haven't heard of Diplo yet, you need to wake the fuck up. Diplo is originally from Florida and moved to Philly where he started his own parties. He met up with a cat called Low Budget and founded Hollertronix. These are like parties that they throw and they play all kinds of party shit. "...elements of 80s nostalgia with mainstream hip-hop, crunk, dancehall, bhangra, Baltimore club and now even the Favela Funk of Rio Di Janeiro (from Stylus)" These parties are real big though and get mad people out. If your in Philly or NYC they usally have one every month. On the production tip though dude has that DJ Shadow, RJD2 vibe. Really dope tracks with old breakbeats and all kinds of dope samples with that sp1200 grit. His first single was's first release on there record label, Money Studies. His debut album, Florida, is a collage of samples and layered breaks. Real good shit. His tracks always have this progression to them where he flips it up towards the middle and takes it somewhere else. He is a pretty diverse cat. He recently did a mixtape for M.I.A., Piracy Funds Terrorism, which has been blowing up worldwide for a while now. Its more of that crunk shit and he flexs his DJ muscle on there. So goto his website and get on his messageboard. There is a pretty decent community there with cats like Catchdubs and a lot of other bloggers on there. Dude is blowing up and I can see him getting real big in the next year.

1. Sarah
This is one of my favorite Diplo joints. The beat is serious. This is off his album Florida. You gotta pick this joint up with the quickness. Dont sleep.

2. When Eggnog Goes Bad
This was that Turntable Lab joint I mentioned before. I got this as a free promo the one day I bought a bunch of shit from them. Well worth it. I got that original record that horn sample is from but cant remember it.

3. Newsflash Ft. Sandra Melody
This is a Diplo riddim. This is more of his party tracks. Kinda on that Reggatron tip. Shit is hype. When i first heard this I bumped it for weeks straight.

4. Diplo Live At 3d Pt 1
This is a mix from one of Diplos gigs. Listen to how crunk it is. Its funny to hear him be so diverse in what he does. He gets mad props round here.


MPC Simon game. This is tight. You have to follow the pads like the OG simon. dope.

Dad boxes 3 year old son and kills him. Spotted at Emynds.

Freshfest Tour

DMX is wack as fuck. Interview. Spotted at Spine.

Biggie Movie. Finally. Pac got his now Big gets his shine.

Remix Hotel In Chi-City. I wish I could check this out. Its dope.

Speaking of Expo's, DJ Times is having there big Atlantic City Expo coming up soon. I went to one like 2 years ago and they had prototypes of Numarks CD turn and other shit that wasnt released yet. So check that out.

Old KDAY clips. Dope

Rawkus Records is back
. All you indie cats best protect your neck.

Bolivain Womans Wrestling. This is like backyard wrestling for the 3rd world.

Still Tippin. Getto Body Kit.

and thats that. peace.