Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm takin ya back come follow me, on a journey to see a for real MC

tats cru - click the pic to see it better.

What up? Gotta go to Jerz for a few days so I just got some dope tracks and links for that ass. One thing i want to mention though is this mural above me. This is done by Tats CRU, a team outta NYC, that has blown up and made the graffiti ish into a legitimate business. They are for hire to hit up a bodega or record store in a borough near you. They got some real nice murals and piece work. I dont write but I like to look at cats pieces all the time. If you do have any pics of your work please send em to I could always use that shit. Any promo items would be appreciated also. :) I have to do a few posts on some stuff that was sent to me a while ago. A nice sampler of Nuclear Fams new tracks, and Jeff Chang's Cant Stop Wont Stop (A very ILL book. Imma do a book report on here for it in a little bit), Ill get around to them some day. So check out the graff and these mp3's.

1. Miracles - Kice
This is a pretty dope album. Its got some real nice production done mostly by Mr. Len. This beat is tight casue of the chopped jazz/vibes loop. Dont sleep on this album though. Got alot of nice jazzy tracks and good lyrics. I think has it in right now. On a side note yesterday I spent over like $90 with them. Getting some dope 90's hip hop.

2. Listen 2 This - MED
This is ill. I always liked MED (Medaphor) but lately he been on thouse wierd Just Blaze or Dilla tracks, that sound like the Neptunes and Timbaland had a retarded baby together and taught it to make beats. Most of his whole new album, Push Comes to Shove is real clubby and commerical like that. I just cant get down to that ish thogh when this cat has been rocking over Madlib tracks for years. This track is a Madlib cut and I think the shit bangs. I like the way MED emcees though, even though dude gets real monotumus. He dont switch up shit. If you want to hear rhymes bout smoking weed and Cali then scoop this shit up.

3. Disillusioned - Demon Fuzz
This is for all my rare groove heads. This is a classic track that was just reissued recently. I got the reissue but the OG pressings are pretty rare. Some good shit though. There are an all black UK group that dropped back in the 60s-70's. A lot of producers have sampled there album AFRIKA. You will hear samples from it all the time. This track here starts off slow and kind of dark, but breaks into a funked out breakdown in the middle. Shit is rugged.

4. All The Way Down - March Wind
Another pimpin funk track. I couldnt do alot of research on these dudes except for them being on a few funk comp records. This shit is real funky though. It has that pimp vibe to the whole track, then towards the middle it gets crazy. Ill.


Alchemist got his ribs broke and lung collapsed on a tour bus with that 50 Cent/Shady Anger Management Tour. Im not a big ALC fan but hope dude is aight and all that.

Goggle Earth. This is some of the hottest shit I've seen online. Real fun. Its almost scary how accurate the shit is though. I was looking at crackhouses and record stores in Tokyo.

Not My Baby Dady. I would be doing windmills after I heard that shit. Thanks to Frankly for the link.

88 Keys interivew at Dork Mag. Dope shit. Go over and support thouse cats. There blog is tight.

Blind Date: Crack Whore Edition
This shit had me dying.

Roland SP-404 released. Just after I scoop up a 303.. This looks real cool. More effects, battrey powered, 12 pads (I like the 8 better or 16. 12 is wack.) There pretty cheap too. Def a nice portable production tool.

Hip-Hop Roots Album Explores The Most Sampled Songs In Hip-Hop.

A bunch of Z-Trip mixes. Cool shit. Spotted at Spine Mag.

Shock G calls it quits.

David Banner getting a show on Adult Swim. The one night I was watching Adult Swim, and all of a sudden this chessy beat came on and said that he gave it to them. Now this. Jezzus.

News on Danger Doom project

Worlds Ugliest Dog
. ugghh thats pretty fucking grimy (thanks Diff Kitchen)

Aight I gotta get my ass on the highway to New Jeru. Peace.