Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wale Oyejide: "One Day Everything Changed"

EDIT:I made a couple of mistakes on this post that needed to be corrected. Thanks to Mr. Merge for bringing that to my attention. Peace.

Tonight I'm going to talk about a cat that I think is mad slept on. Wale Oyejide is a Nigerian born producer and vocalist that came to the US as a young teen to pursue music. He graduated an American college then started to get his name out there. His debut album is under the name Sci Fi, and was him on the beats. Very spacy and soulful productions. On his next album One Day Everything Changed, he does all the production and makes his debut on the mic. He doesnt really rap on his tracks but he sings and chants which is cool. Some of his lyrics I think are a little lame, but overall its pretty good for the most part. Alot of it deals with his frustrations, politics, black power, war, revolution, and just shout outs to Africa. Its all layed over some smooth jazzy afrobeat tracks. He handles it on the production end real well. I like his drums and the basslines. He uses some gritty synth arrangements on a few tracks, but then there is layerd vibes and keys that give the beats thats spacy hip hop nu jazz feel. The Afrobeat theme he brings to most of the tracks is cool. Its like some 2004 Fela Kuti shit popping off. You can tell Kuti had a real impact on this dude. His way of chanting on the mic and the way he lays the horns and drums is very reminiscent of the king of afrobeat. I think this is cool cause Im a big fan of Kuti and Antibalas. (Ill be doing posts on them soon) The one track Iban Sunrise sounds like Fela and Pete Rock got down on a joint together. He also has some guest appearances by Jay Dilla, MF DOOM, and this cat Taraach. The Dilla track is pretty good, but Dilla just wrote some ol bullshit for the track. Didnt put all his effort into it. The production was cool though. Wasnt really a fan of the Doom track. I usally like him but was nothing special. But overall its a tight album. Some different shit to listen to in the indie hip hop circle. Its some good shit to start rioting or if your planning a pilgrimage to Mecca. So scoop it up and pay the man. I didnt want to post up the guest tracks, cause I think other joints on the album outshined them. And quality comes first round these parts bitch.

One Day Everything Changed ft. Taraach
Damn James
Iban Sunrise