Friday, August 19, 2005

Its been a long time...

Sorry bout the lack of posts lately. I just been all kinds of busy, drinking, partying, djing, and just having a good ol time. I also moved my PC and didn't set up the net yet on it cause im one lazy fucker. So stay tuned next week for a gang of posts featuring indie cats like, El-Fudge, Afrobeat innovator Fela Kuti, Brooklyns Jemini the Gifted One and more. Its gonna be dope. Im at the library right now though so i got nothing to share today. But here is some interesting shit I found in the last couple of days.

Kanye West getting heated about bleeping of "white girl" from his song. Damn I really haven't been following shit, but MTV did some shit on Kanye yesterday and from some excerpts I saw he went off on the use of homo by rappers and him being a mommas boy. Shits crazy.

Nas paying $2 million for a Neptunes beat. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!????????? Shit like this ruins my day.

Site for AZ's new album Been hearing alot of good things bout this joint. Gotta scoop it up.

Extra P at a record store in japan Dope shit. Some vids and pics.

100 Breaks Mixtape by DJ
Semantik. All the classics. Shits tight.

Dutch Bob Moog Interview. I went to a site recently and it turns out Bob has real bad brain cancer. Thats real sad. This dude is the godfather of synthesis.

Kung-Fu movie trailers. Dope shit. Anyone see that Kung-Fu Hustle joint yet? It was aight. Kinda corny but the fight scenes were ill.

Grip of Wu-Tang videos. Holy shit. Noxie found this joint.

Well I gotta go to a wake tonight. R.I.P to Bob Tuohy, my godfather. Peace and come back later on in the week for mad mp3's and write ups on some real dope artists.