Monday, October 03, 2005

Black Moon: Enta Da Stage

Im going to let my man mpc4000xl post today.


Nervous Records

Picture this your in the year 1993………………

And nobody yes, nobody is RIDIN’ SPINNERS (WHOA!!!!)

You head to your local record shop and decide to pic up an unassuming

Looking vinyl album (yes the 12 in wax).

You reach into the pocket of your Carhart jacket and pull out a twenty.

You get home press that LP into service and then you hear……….

Quote :

"(What we do) I would say is dark Hip-Hop," says Buckshot.

BLACK MOON – Enta Da Stage

Black Moon is an anagram for (Brothers Lyrically Acting Combining Kicking Music Out On Nations).

This is a trio from Bushwick Brooklyn aka Bucktown.

The group is comprised of :

Buckshot – (Kenyatta Blake) A true MC and founder of Boot Camp Clik and Duck Down Entertainment.

DJ Evil Dee – (Eward Dewgarde) Producer with credits including :

Da Beatminerz, KRS One, Jean Grae, Mos Def, Smif n Wessun etc. He also gained much respect spinning at New Yorks Hot97 as well as Power 105.1

5FT Accelerator – (????) An MC tho’ not as dominant as Buckshot is a Strong feature on “Ack Like U Want it” but Shortly after the Release of Enta Da Stage 5FT left the group (Summer 94) though he later would rejoin them for their 1999 release “War Zone” on Priority Records.


With One Good listen to this album it’s easy to see why Enta Da Stage is

Considered a classic by many and my view of it is no different………..

This album created an immediate sensation and went on to sell over 200,000 copies which considering the time period was great for a Hip-Hop groups first release.

What makes this album special is THERE is no filler Just real production combined with fluent lyrics you will love this!!!!!!!!

Powerful Impak - Hard and effective drums plus a short Busta Rhymes sample hook.

Niguz Talk S—t - Yo I love to hornz Evil Dee rocked on the chorus this is raw yes RAW.

Who Got the Propz? - This is the party mover and with the string, upright bass and Scratches on the hook there is no Question -- Black Moon Got the Propz.

Ack Like U Want it - Muted Jazzy Horns lace the chorus and 5Ft does shine solo .

Buck Em’ Down - This track is full of soul and energy and Buckshot makes flowing over Evil Dee’s drums and bass see TOTALLY EFFORTLESS……..A CLASSIC without a doubt. No Surprise then that it reached #2 on the Billboard singles chart.

Black Smif -n- Wessun - Another banger with 5FT n Buckshot on it . This slow low groove works great with sharp violins.

Son Get Wrec - The bass is dark and thick and yes Son does get wreck………YEAH!!!!!

Make Munne - This Joint Is NYC Rugged and its shows . When you listen to this clear your mind and let your head knod it hard not to!!!

Slave - The reverb is SICK maybe even scary Buckshot Ripped it and the flute loop sounds just filthy add lines like “If you never knew me then you never knew wreck” and you know have witness the work of a of a master.

I Got Ya Opin - This IS TRUE SCHOOL what can I say that would do this track JUSTICE!??!! Buckshot brings it …………..Don’t Front!!!!

But you have to hear the Remix which is somehow even better!!!! Really!!!!!

S—t is Real - You can smell the green leafy on this track and I don’t mean spinach dim those lights and zone you can’t go wrong.

Enta Da Stage - Listen closely to this joint and you will begin to hear Buckshot’s Jamican Heritage and it works !!!!! This is a true title track Credit is due. Speaking of The “Low End Theory” that bass is thicker than “London Fog” soooooooo grimey!!!!!

How many MCs - This is was considered a standout which is a tough call on an album full of FIRE though I can see the reason it is felt by many as Buckshot shares a tale of laying whack MC to rest.

U Da Man – This Marks the official 1st appearance of Smif n Wessun aka Cocoa Brovaz and they do the damn thang as always.

Simply put if you don’t own it get it……………

In the words of RZA “ This is True Hip-Hop in a Pure Form, This

Is Lyrics Emceeing”

For More on Buckshot, Evil Dee any Duck Down Affiliates goto: