Wednesday, September 14, 2005

White Rappers

DISCLAIMER: I have actually gotten mad ebeef for this post. Cats coming at me sideways and calling me a 'wigga' on messageboards and my email. Shit is cracking me up. I think I hit a nerve of this dude in the pictures fanclub. A lot of these e-toughguys think this post is making fun of white rappers, actually if you read it, its about the cornball kids like my man in this picture that have no skills but expect to get signed and put out albums, and the cats with actual talent that are setting themselves apart from the lames outta vancover and idaho, but they cant get a deal or distribution. Battling cats on AIM doesnt make you a rapper. Having e siphers on a messageboard aint gonna get you a deal. Rocking your school talent show aint gonna get you a necklace. So once again this post is not about hating on white rappers, its about hating on wack white "rappers". So before you get your emuscles up to send me some nonsense via email, understand that it isnt that serious and should be takin lightly. Aight so enjoy the mp3s.

Aight there aint a lot of good white rappers. Mad cats like this guy in the pic got shit MAD twisted. Shit is outta control. Now I aint got nothing against any cat that has skills, but just cause you see fiddy or dipset getting down don't mean you need to pic up a mic. There are mad cats that actually do have skills and cats like this are fucking it up for us Caucasians. It took me a while though to think of some good white rappers. And Im not including Eminem's lame pill popping ass, or Paul Wall corny looking ass cause Im sick as fuck of both of em. And fuck Bubba Sparx. Everlast can eat a dick too. Eminem is not the great white hope. He needs to stay in rehab till he sobers up and listens to the bullshit he been putting out in the last few years. When he admits that he fucked up, he can then be released. Dont get me wrong though Em had mad skills, but hes gone soft. The Slim Shady LP and that indie, infinite shit were dope. Its just now he all chilling with thugs, he is making songs with 50 called Gatman and Robbin'. Its bananas. But seriously, a good white rapper is hard to find. The cats Im featuring tonight, Im genuine fans of and have been for years. These dudes are real emcees and give hip hop respect. They arent clowns that hang out in the cafeteria rhyming bout gats and weed, like your little brother. So dont get it fucked up.

1. Radiohead - Cage
Now this is the hot shit. This beat is one of the dopest beats I have on wax. The 12" of this took me mad long to find. That sample is raw and when the bass drops shit is too much. And its dope how he does his adlibs all in that crazy voice on all his tracks. This song took Cages career off. If you like to smoke dust and chill in institutions then this is your kind of music. Shit is rugged. This is when New York's indie scene was real hot with everyone's records being broke on Stretch & Bobbito's show. Some classics came out of that era.

2. STD - Necro
Another crazy ass white boy from NYC. Necro has been spewing that nasty grimy shit for like 15 years. I wore my "I Need Drugs" cassette to shit when I was a youngin. This track and the I Need Love junkie edition used to get mad play. I love this beat cause its all lo fi but just knocks. Necro did alot of his own productions using his ASR-10. He just spits that insane bullshit that he is known for. You know hes speaking on some real life experience for this joint. Hes a grimy motherfucker. I always crack up at how slow and sappy the song sounds at first but then kicks into that "THE BITCH HAD SYPHILLIS, I CRACKED HER IN THE FACE WITH A WRENCH!!!" line.

3. Every Record Sucks Dick - RA The Rugged Man
This ugly motherfucker here has been grinding for a long time. He seriously had mad ups and downs throughout the biz. Dude is crazy as hell though. I read stories of him just running up in his label with guns and grabbing bitches tits and shit. This shit here though is fire. This was off his first "album" that got shelved, I think. I don't know who produced it, but they flip that Capricorn loop from Cannonball Alderley to make a dope beat. It just fits the mood of the track perfect. Ra just talks about getting jerked around in the industry and the bullshit he faced as a white rapper dropping an album.

4. Rap Prime Minister - Prime Minister Pete Nice and Daddy Rich
Now these cats here were one of the first honky groups that came outta NYC in the 80's/90's. They had two white emcees (MC Serch) and a black DJ (Daddy Rich), known as 3rd Bass. They had skills. Around this time cats like Vanilla Ice were selling out and packing arenas, so to be a white cats with talent you got slept on by that gimmick shit. They even had a beef with Vanilla Ice called Pop Goes the Weasel which disses him for making rap a mockery. This track here is from when Pete Nice and Daddy Rich went off on there own to make Petes Album while MC Serch tried to move on to bigger and better things.

5. Car Thief - Beastie Boys
These cats here are one of my favorite hip hop groups. They have been around since the 80's and still are able to drop decent albums. Well that last one kinda sucked but they got a good track record. This joint here is off there classic album "Pauls boutique". I love this album cause the Dust Brothers did alot of production on the tracks and they rocked mad samples. Every beat is crazy. This is my favorite track of this album. Just got that funk too it.

6. Thats A Wrap - Copywrite prod. J. Dilla
Now this dude here is a mess. He got skills but he has been clowned so much recently, it was hard to put this song up here. Some cat from the Weatherman lumped him up a while ago, and he got his ass beaten again recently. Dude does have mad skills for a white cat. Also Dilla came through and blessed this nerd with some heat. The beat is weird but its dope. Copy does flex his skills here though. Cant deny that.

7. Stargazer - Visionaries
This is a dope indie group outta cali that has been on the indie scene for a while. There is a bunch of cats in the group like LMNO, and 2mex and they rock with the beat junkies all the time. They are a cali indie staple. Beat is tight. They throw that "Cheeba Cheeba" sample in there and they spit about the ladies. Its that nerd rap steez but shit is cool. I can dig it.

8. Rock Stars - Non Phixion
Now this a dope track. Non Phixion is a group of rugged cats from the BK, that just kill tracks. They live out in the projects and spit that thug shit, but can back it up. Ive been a fan of these cats for mad long. Primo laces the beat here and gives it that funk. Also he laces the hook with his cuts as usual. This was on there last album before they went out and did all there mediocre solo albums.

And that's the white cats IM feeling. I know I missed a lot of dudes but I dont give a fuck. Enjoy.