Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Danger Doom and Local Talent

What up. Tonight I let one of my boys do a guest post. He is an emcee and producer named Dstruction and he did a album review of Danger Doom. Son can make some dope beats and he is pretty ill on the mic. He plays out in MA so look for him if your out that way. Check his website out to hear some music and info on him. Also there is two indie cats that I would like to feature. They arent signed but they got some smooth sounding shit. I think its important to check out indie and local talent casue they need the exposure. These cats have real skills and are developing there own signature sounds. They are now paying there dues, playing at bars and smaller venues to get heard. Im in the postion to feature music that I'm feeling to a large audience, so Im happy to support good independent music. Hopefully in the future they will be making real moves and get the attention they rightfully deserve. There is a lot of filler out there today with bullshit ass cats rhyming and making fruity loops beats that suck, so it is hard to hear some real talent when it comes around. Without further ado here is D's Danger Mouse review.


Whats up yall? DStruct here from Bi-Polar Inc. This is my first post as a writer at this blog, and i hope yall dig this. Today, im gonna review the new album from MFDOOM and Dangermouse entitled, "Danger Doom" (creative title huh). I was excited when i first heard about this project.
First of all, I gotta say Im a big fan of MFDOOM, but in not the biggest Dangermouse fan. Regardless, i do like this album, i dont love it, but its good enough to play in my whip on a nice day, and im a picky nigga with that shit. Thes beats bang pretty good in the car, but lets break this muh fucker down track by track. First let me spark up......... (DStruct sparks fat blunt of greenery)

Bizzy Box
Bada Bing

Track 1 "El Chupa Nibre"
First i gotta say that this whole album seems like an Adult Swim commercial. I bet this would be real hot if i was a fan of those cartoons, but im not therefore the cartoon skits are kind of corny for me. Besides the aqua teen intro and outtro, this beat is alright from the nigga dangermouse. As a producer who fucks with vinyl, I can appreciate the lack of synths and all that bullshit (although the right dude can freak them keys). Doom is on his normal bugged out steez here. I mean you can always find new punchlines in his verses the more you listen to him. Hes a deep dude. This track is a neck jerker.

Track 2 "Sofa King"
Damn I like this beat here. Doom rides it perfectly and Danger did a good job chopping the samples up and shit. The Sofa King joke is funny the first couple times, but after that, its a tad cornball. Nice track though

Track 3 "The Mask"
Nice intro, I love that crackle of the vinyl thats up in the mix. These horns are dope but it seems like this beat couldve been more in your face. Especially since that dude Ghostface Killa comes outta nowhere with a sick ass verse. This is cool.

Track 4 "Perfect Hair"
Damn this beat is the truth. Dangermouse is a beats when it comes to finding the perfect sample. Hes blessing the listener with some real dope drums also. Dooms bringing it as usual, but who the fuck mentions Jeanine Garafalo in a hip hop verse? haha, i feel kind of nerdish for even knowing who the bitch is.

Track 5 "Bizzy Box"
Wow, this is my favorite track on the album (today). Its got a simple ass beat, but i almost broke my neck a few times banging this. Cee-Lo on the hook is no joke. I wish doom hit us with a 3rd verse on this beat, because i dont want it to end! When I do my DJ thing, Ive turned a few heads onto Doom with this track. Hot shit.

Track 6 "Old School"
I like Talib Kweli alot, but this track is rather mediocre. Im not feeling it. The samples dope and all, but the hook is horrible and Talib seem like hes not into it at all. Doom does his thing but this track always gets skipped over when i play this cd.

Track 7 "ATHF"
Great another skit haha, but this beat is crazy, when it finally drops. Like i said earlier, i dont watch adult swim aqua teen hunger force, but i can hear the references to the show in the verses. Im feeling how hes incorporating all the characters into the rhymes. This is probably real dope for hardcore fans of the show. "Sock your mean younger boss/ *smack*/ adult swim aqua teen hunger force!"

Track 8 "Basket Case"
Cant say much about Doom on this album. Hes not at his absolute best, but hes very consistant with his shit on this album. Danger did his thing with this beat, but hes reminding me of madlib with all the skits between verses. All I gotta say is "Just since some people wear a mask dont mean they did nothing automatically"

Track 9 "No Names"
Damn I sampled that same bassline but i cant remember where I got it. I gotta organize my shit better. This track is a neckbreaker and DOOM is riding it with perfection. I like this one. "Eastsiiiide"

Track 10 "Crosshairs"
Wow, Im really loving the live band feel to this one. The strings really set this track off. Man, Dooms lyrics get me excited as an emcee, that i could possible make it without trying to sound like the radio. Regardless, this track gets multiple spins in the Millenia.

Track 11 "Mince Meat"
Doom is really coming through on the mic. I mean, the nikka said "Sucks to be them, Ill pass that loot/ up under the tux he wore a HAZMAT suit". That lines gonna stick with me for a while. Dudes on some shit, yall young bucks need to take notes. I love the vibe i get from this track.

Track 12 "Vats of Urine"
Personally, I dont like this one. Dangermouse, just do you man, this sounds like madlib so much haha. These little skits are pissing me off. Doom, you shouldve passed on this one.

Track 13 "space ho's"
This is cool right here. Im feeling the change ups in the track and Doom is coming with the same thought provoking style that got me into him in the first place. Wow, I cant believe he mentions Charro in this track, thats crazy, but it works haha. (DStruct puts blunt roach in bong, and skips over the cartoon outtro)

Track 14 "bada bing"
Wow, this beat comes in so crazy. I think this might be my second favorite track on the album. These samples make me feel good and doom is doing them justice on the mic. As a matter of fact this track got me inspired to go boot up my mpc and make a beat, then write some off the wall shit to it. So with that, im signing off


Haze: Aight if you were feeling that review please let dude know in the comments.

Next order of business is this cat Vakseen. He is an emcee and producer and just dropped a CD. This cat comes with some different shit. His music has a real unique sound and the emceeing is mad different then a lot of the shit that is out right now.
His group is The Shaw Shanks and the cd is titled "VAKSEEN Productions Presents: The Shaw Shanks in WORDPLAY" and it dropped 8-9-05. Here is a little press release he sent me.

For booking information, photos, audio samples and to cop the debut album “WORDPLAY” visit www.vakseen.com or contact Otha Davis III of VAKSEEN Productions at (904) 881-1657. Check these mp3's out.

Album Sampler

Get Hi
What A Crock

The next dude I want to feature is this cat called D. James. He is bringing the heat out of
Indianapolis. He is also a producer and a emcee. Dude got some pretty dope songs and he rhymes bout deeper shit. His beats are tight also. On his myspace and his soundclick page you can hear more of his music. This track here is real tight.

Night Life produced by Vakseen

If you are interested in purchasing his CD get at dude at

Andre "D. James" King
3rd Eyelevel Prod.
9457 Timberview Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

3rdeyelevel@gmail.com to order CDs

So support local and independent artists. They need all the help they can get. All these dudes play out in MA, FL, or IN, so please check them out if you live nearby. Keep an eye out on these dudes cause they are making good music and get my support. Peace.

Oh and real quick please help out the victims of hurricane Katrina. Shit is getting real bad down there so please donate to a respectable charity. A few cats are doing there part with some auctions. The first one is an ebay auction for a dope lil synth that all the proceeds will be givin to the Red Cross. Thats a real cool thing that dude is doing so check that out. Also the cats over at Soul Strut are running a "Let A Heatrock Loose" sale to raise money for the cause. They are selling there records as a fundraiser to support the victims. A real noble thing of them to do. Here is some details:


Raj has kindly allowed the use of the main page (Crate Digging Revealed) for the purpose of auctions/set sails where the proceeds will go to the Soulstrut Katrina Relief Fund (coordinated by all of us).

“Let a heatrock loose©.” Pick a record from your collection for sacrifice. The idea should be to pick something that will hurt you not to have. That’s what sacrifice is about. That pain you’ll feel is called empathy, compassion, camaraderie. Because every time you think of that particular record, and you feel the pang of its absence, you can think of all the victims of Katrina who lost their entire record collection, their pets, their homes, their loved ones, their lives, and you can count yourself among those who were part of the solution. Providing momentary relief to their struggle.

“Let a heatrock loose©.”

So please donate and help out. Shit is real fucked up right now and its getting worse.