Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10 Hip-Hop Interviews

Who got the props?

Whats good? Well I got my M-Audio Trigger Finger Yesterday. Shits tight. Made two decent beats on it so far with my laptop. I love this shit cause I can go anywhere and make beats the way I do with my Mpc2000xl in the studio. Im rocking Ableton Live 5, Reason 3.0, Wavelab 5, Recycle 2.0 and Im using a Tascam us-224 and my trigga finga. Im getting scared though imma stray away from my mpc which would be mad fucked up. I dont think so though. I still think its the best way to produce (along with a pc) But anyways I cant wait to make beats in the fucking woods and dive bars. So that's what I got going on at the moment. Yuppppppp

So I was listening to this dope Four Tet Interview and I was like, damn I got all kinds of various snippets and interviews from rappers and producers up on my pc. Some are short and recorded all fucked up, but its cool to gain a little insight into the minds of these artists even if its just a little blurb. I don't know where I got em all from so I cant really give credit to cats but mad props to whoever laced me up.

1. Four Tet - That audio software he mentions is fly. Four Tet's shit is a little out there. Real ambient and chilled. Its cool though.

2. Jay Dee - That beat, "Fuck the Police" is bananas. I got doubles of that joint and I usually juggle with it.

3. Gangstarr (Production) - This is a little snip of Primo giving some insight on how he makes beats. Pretty cool method, but I cant work like that. I just come up with ideas on the fly. Usually a hot ass loop will set me off.

4.Pete Rock & CL Smooth - A quick discussion about an album coming out again, but they got into some beef after this interview, so I wouldn't count on it. Shits been canned. I was going to do a best of Pete Rock, but Scratch mag fucked me all up and did it. I still might put my spin on it cause a lot of his slept on and more indie joints were left out. Like Jamal's Fade Em All and the I.N.I and Grap Luva shit.

5. Muggs - Real shitty audio, but its cool. He talks about that lame downtempo joint that he did a while ago, and the older Cypress shit. I love Muggs though. He did some real hot shit with Cypress. Not really a fan of most of the Soul Assassin shit, there was some classics there though, but the bulk of it was beat. He also mentored Alchemist which I thought was pretty dope. ALC took his sound and flipped it his way, which actually got ALC mad success.

6. MF DOOM - Quick interlude where DOOM kicks it to some foreign cat. Talks a little bit about where Hip-Hop is at. I like DOOM. Hes one down to earth motherfucker.

7. Lootpack - Quick cut with Kutmasta Kurt just asks Wildchild, Madlib, and Romes some questions like the origin and each position they hold within the group. Lootpack's first album, Da Antidote, was some sick shit. Lib fucked the Sp-1200 up. This and the first Lord Quas, are some of his finest works in my opinion. His latest shit is so-so to me. Last Lord Quas was dope, but had a lot of BS that I wasn't really into.

8. Large Pro - Son is getting interviewed by the UK's own Tim Westwood over at BBC. This is a cool follow up to the post I did a few days ago. Large Pro is rugged as fuck.

9. Dr. Dre On Eazy-E - This is cool. Ice Cube is on there too talking about NWA and how easy came and brought them into the game. Also about his influence on the Music Industry and how Eazy changed a lot of shit. Shits dope.

10. Big L - And last but not least, Harlems Finest talks about how he meet Lord Finesse.


Here is a couple of my favorite interview websites.

Tha Formula - They used to have a lot more of em. I put them on my Ipod so I can read em when im bored. Lots of good shit.

The Underground Railroad - Jaysmooths radio show from back in the day. All in Real Audio format so sit back and listen.

Brave New Wave
- I like this site. Its got lots of more obscure cats on it and outside the hip hop realm. Audio.

- Real hot site. MAD audio joints so check that.

Red Bull Music Academy - This is hot. They always are updating it. Lots of video.

Cyberkrib - A Candain site with mad audio interviews

Urban Smarts - Lots of indie joints. Good read.

Hip Hop Section - This is a cool one. Got some dope indie cats on there.

Nobody Smiling and Illmatic Video - Ive seen this a while ago. Shit is dope. Its a real dope interview on all the producers for Nas's classic Illmatic.

H.E.A.R. PSA Videos- A bunch of artists telling you to watch your levels and save your ears. So mix low, it helps anyways cause you hear nuances in the mix a lot easier and it doesn't color your sound, or wake your wack ass neighbors.

So there you go. Have fun killing an afternoon listening and reading all this shit. Peace.