Tuesday, January 03, 2006

3 dope ass tracks...

haha. lookat my ass. But anyways hows everyone been doing? Ive been doing the holiday shit so i havent even thought bout blogging. Or making beats or anything else. Just been having a good time seeing people i havent seen in a while and making new friends out here. Christmas was a good time, and new years was dope too. Got a lil shitty to early though but sall good. I just needed to check in right fast today and give yall some heat. I do have another dude that is bout to join up with this shit. Hes a dope dj from around the way named Evil Bee. So stay tuned for him. In the meantime imma just hit yall off with that crack.

1. Do You Believe - the Beatnuts
Beatnuts got that rugged shit. Big ju and pshcyo les been banging out classiccs from the early 90s. My favorite album by them though is Stone Crazy. They had that gritty boombap shit popping off. There newer joints are aight, wasnt really feeling that milk me j0int, but they got a decent catalouge. This track here is off Stone Crazy. Real dope melody and that gritty drums layed up on it. I like the organ loop that is floating in the back. Sounds rugged

2. P.D.S. - Big Shug
One of bostons finests. Big shug has been associated with the whole gangstarr clique from way back. Primos been lacing son with heat for a while. This beat here Primo just flips that Slyvia Striplin joint, Give Me Your Love, which is so dope you really dont even need to do much to it. He throws some dope drums on it and shug laces it with some poonanee lyrics. Anyone hear shugs new joint? I heard it was dope but havent peeped it yet.

3. Alone Again - Kev Brown
This cat here is slowly becoming the new Pete Rock. He got some rep dropping a black album remix called The Brown Album that got him some acclaim. He then did a bunch of tracks and rolled with jazzy Jeffs production company called A Touch Of Jazz. He just dropped an album called Do What I Do. Its actually really good. This track is from a mixtape he dropped in the summer, but its on the new album. Shit is fire. I like the way he chops up shit in the mpc. He also got those Pete Rock basslines. Its cool someone is carrying on that groove of music. He seems like a mad humble cat also. I like that about him. He has alot of humiltiy which makes him more human in his rhymes. He breaks down his emotions and also is paying respect to his influences and peers. Just a good dude.

The new skillz year end rap up. Its aight. Not as good as his older ones but shit is still a good listen. (thanks bassline for this)

And thats that. Imma try and get back on the bloggin tip, but you know how that goes. Its been a little hectic this month, but i should be getting back into it. Peace......