Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nas is like....Five Rare Joints

Whats good all? Todays post is going to be on one of Queensbridge's Finest. From his debut appearnce on Main Sources, Live At The BBQ, to his latest album, Nas has remained one of the best emcees that has ever touched a mic. Period. It was crazy though to see his progression thru hip hop. He started out as the Street Disciple, a young cat describing his life around him with such wordplay and intelligence, to a vain all knowing sage, that was engulfed in bling and beef. Here is the mans bio cause im too lazy to write it out. (its a pretty good read so peep that)Im a real big fan of Nas's first album, Illmatic. This album is seirously one of the best hip hop albums that Ive ever heard. They just dont make em like this anymore. The whole production and lyrics on this classic, cant be fucked with by anything that has came out in the last 10 years. And i seriously mean that. Look at tracks like The World is Yours and Halftime. This was the prime of these producers and just had that energy and vibe of NYC in the 90's that cant be brought back. It just resonated with the whole city and really made an impact on hip hop and gave Nas the oppurtunity to become a superstar. It made emcees step there game up and producers get there weight up. His albums after that were somewhat mediocore, they had a few good singles, but couldnt achieve the same results and impact as his first. A real good album though was Stillmatic. This shit was rugged. It brought new life into Nas's career and brought him back into the light after straying away for a minute. It even had him producing his own joints like One Mic. A pretty good resurgance if you ask me. This also was the begining of Jay-Z's and Nas's long standing fued for the title of the King Of NY. The title was held by Biggie Smalls, but after his death someone had to raise to power to take the title of the best lyricist of NYC. I dunno who won it, but I still think that these two cats are the best of the best. Nas still kicks that raw intellegent shit and gets whatever he wants off his chest. Look at his recent track, Coon Picnic, where he pretty much calls out all the wack motherfuckers doing the minstrel show over a dope buckwild beat. He casued a bunch of contreversy but I think it needed to be said. He also showed his personal side with the track,Im getting Married, when he married Milkshake diva Kelis. Its just a trip to watch this dudes trasnsition from a kid running around the gritty borough of Queens to an International superstar. And with that here is five tracks from Nas that are somewhat rare and slept on. They mainly are from his begingings just cause I like that era of hip hop. Jazzy boombap beats are my shit. (im using a new filesharing joint so bare with me.)

Lifes A Bitch (Remix) feat. AZ
Im A Villian
Deja Vu
Life Is Like A Dice Game (one of my favorite beats)
Nas And Six-Nine Freestyle on bobbitos show.

And thats that. I would also like to shout out D-Nice casue i jacked one of his pictures for the large pro post i did a while ago. He informed me about it so gotta say my bad. Im gully like that. haha. Check out sons website though and show him some support. He was a nice dude about letting me know though so props to that.