Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Can you feel it...LORD DIGGA

What is good all? I wanna thank evil bee for getting down with the team. I think hes gonna work out well. So stay tuned for more posts from dude. Please check out our myspaces, haze, evilbee, to check out what we got going on.

Todays post though is gonna be on Lord Digga. Now i dont know alot about digga, just that he was in Masta Ace's camp, Masta Ace Inc. (which contained members, Paula Perry, and DJ Steady Pace) and did mad production for Ace. Digga originally hails from LA and is Ace's cousin. As ace even busts in one song, "One fine spring, in the middle of May, my cousin Jerome flew in from LA..." Digga comes down for a summer and does mad production, bringing out the gritty boombap, and laying some ill lyrics down all over Aces 3rd release, Sittin' On Chrome. He was featured real quick on Ace's 2nd album Slaugta House, but he really shined on Sittin. Back then Digga was part of the production team the Bluez Brothaz and did heat for mad groups. Digga then in the mid 90's did his own releases, and made a small indie comeback. I think in for doing a couple of singles with Game Records. Most recently Ive heard him on a 7L and Esoteric track, called Way Of The Gun. Digga is just one of those rugged gritty early nyc rappers that just made the jazziest beats Ive heard in a minute. You can tell he started puffin mad heavy in the mid 90s cause he steered somewhat away from the gruff hardcore rhymes, the crazy drunken style, and got more into the mellower jazzy shit. My kinds of shit. So with that here is some digga joints that spanned of the course of his career. (i wrote out all this shit bout each track, took me like 1 hour to do, but firefox crashed so all i got is this right here. And im salty, so MYYYYYY BADDDDDDD) Peace

can you feel it
sacks 5th ave
My Flows Is Tight
East Bound - Master Ace Inc.
Who You Rolling With
Brooklyn Zoo (clean digga remix)- Odb


Dangerdoom video for A.T.H.F

Ice cube's Rap school (some coooorrnnnyyyy sheet)
Takeaway Breaks (just a dope list of classic breakbeats with audio snippets)
Beef 2 excerpt with em dissing the source and benzinos gay ass
Making Beats: The Art of Sample Based Hip Hop.pdf file
Boondocks Episode 8
Lou Rawls RIP