Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey remember me

Well god damn. Its been a long time since ive done this shit. Ive been enjoying life lately and have really had no time to do the whole blog thing. Im going to school to become an audio engineer now, work for npr, been making some dope beats, record orchestras, and about to get into the record dealing biz. I really dropped the ball on this blog shit though, but im trying to work back into it. So bear with me till I get this shit back up to where it used to be. Now with youtube and other ill shit at my disposal, we gonna tear this shit up.

Today imma post some shit ive been feeling lately. Get your feet wet with some funk bangers today.

1. The Whitefield Brothers - The Don
This shit right here is dope. Real funky groove and just has that grit to it. And that real "shut yo mouth" bassline going it. I like when the guitar comes in for the solo and rips it up. And when they flip the delay effects on the bridge, it really makes a nice switch up. I just got one of there albums on reissue. Uh this shit here

2. Al Green - Lets Stay Together
Damn man this shit takes me back. I used to sit around and write love notes to my girl in highschool while bumping this in the background. Thats how i roll. Nah but Rev. AL is a legend. He just played up here recently and I missed his ass. It probably was a mediocre show, cause he found jesus, but shit its fucking Al Green for chrissake.

3. Giant Panda - One Time
Aight, now i really am not a fan of cats rapping in foreign languages. I know i shouldn't be shallow and should strive to move past the language barrier, but fuck all that shit. If i cant understand you, I CANT FUCKING UNDERSTAND YOU!!!!! How the fuck do i get down to some asshole rapping in Japanese when he could be advocating silly shit like wearing pink and punching nuns in the teeth? Now this shit here is an exception to the rule. On the 3rd verse this dude just rips it up Tokyo style (i think - its a shot in the dark- could be Chinese, and if it is, im sorry for the mixup) I like this album fly school reunion so check for that shit. This beat is bananas so i keeps it on rotation.

4. Del - Made In America
Man the first time I ever heard about Del was in an issue of High Times when i was like 14. Been a pretty big fan after that. As Ice Cubes cousin, he got started with the lynch mob and then went out and did his own thing. I Wish My Brother George Was Here was ill, Both Sides Of The Brain, Deltron 3030, the Goriallz shit, and No Need For Alarm, were all pretty decent albums too. Im not really a big fan of the recent Hiero shit, but he still is a dope motherfucker.

5. Skee-Lo - I wish i was a little bit taller
This was another jam of mine from back in my youth. I used to rock this shit non stop. I just found it last night and Ive had it on lock reminiscing about my adolescence. The lyrics are kinda doo doo, but the hook is tight and the vibe is right. Blaow, now im rhyming like Skee-Lo. But the video is my fondest memory of this shit. By the way, what ever happened to this dude? Im too lazy to give a shit and look it up my damn self, so if anyone knows drop it in the comments.

And thats it. So tell ya friends, send ya promos, and come on back tomorrow. I should be putting mad shit up fast to get this shit operating again so keep an eye out. And this time Im serious. Tomorrow Ill drop the raekwon/el michaels affair promo on all yall, so be ready. Peace