Sunday, January 15, 2006

Top 10 List of Stuff I Want To See Happen & Also Go Away in 2006

What the deal people? I'm back with another blog post. On this installment I'd like to speak on some things that simply NEED to happen this year and also reflect on some shit that NEEDS to F'N stop. Drum roll please...........

10. I prefer my hip-hop with 50 perCENT less beef

Ok, I'll admit it's humorous at times, but this dude is ridiculous with this. We've seen just about everything the past few years:
**We had the annoying beef with Ja Rule (that no one really cared about)...
**the Jada & Fat Joe beef aka (Double Cheeseburger Beef) both of which 50 can't compete with lyrically...
**The "when will this ever go away" beef with Game (I'm kind of happy about that one happening cause I'd rather see Game on his own anyway)...
**beef with Nas (I wish Nasty Nas would just "Ether" him already)...
**one of his latest is with singer Robbie Williams. WTF??! I don't know what to say about that one...
**even his own family members (doesn't really surprise me)
**and lastly (for now), the next on going beef would most likely be with the Dipset (especially with the signing of Murder? Mase to the G-Unit)
Fiddy needs to spend less time worrying about who he's not going to like next and more time on making better records-

9. Burn the white tees

I'm not sure who came up with the idea that the giant sized t-shirt a.k.a. man dress was a good look. Oh and they definitely look even sillier on short dudes. I'm hoping this one goes away in '06. For fuck's sake they even made an equally bad song about it.

8. Dr. Dre.....Detox PLEASE!

Ok Doc, It's been long enough. I know you have plenty of hot beats and plenty of emcees that want to be on your next album. For all I know the shit might already be done or at least partially finished. The bottom line is the people, no matter if it's East, West, South, or anywhere in between, want this to be released. Just one request: Please go light on the G-Unit and heavy on the real West Coast cats that will help make the album sound the way it should.

7. More well known rappers tapping into quality "undergound" producers

The best example of this would be the upcoming Ghostface album, "Fishscale" on Def Jam (latest release date Feb 28th). We've already heard the first single, the Pete Rock produced "Be Easy," which is a dope way to start it off. How bout this lineup: a few joints by MF Doom, and at least a track or two from Madlib and J. Dilla. Who knows what other surprises P. Tone will have in store. Can't wait to hear it! Another example: I would also like to give Jay props for bringing the much deserved 9th Wonder into the mainstream scene.

6. Chapelle's Show - The lost episodes

It would truly be a celebration....bitches (I just had to). According to, the 3rd season is supposed to be airing at some point. I surely hope it does. There is not enough good comedy out there. We need as much Chappelle as possible.

5. Some long overdue albums that hip hop needs

First, there's more signs that the new Redman album is FINALLY coming out in '06. We just have to hope Funk Doc makes an album the way he wants to and that his fans want to hear. He's always on point with the rhymes but we need production like the "Muddy Waters" days. I can understand if he has to put 1 or 2 club joints on there but we need grimey Redman to make his return. Next... Talib Kweli needs to get together with Hi-Tek and give us another Reflection Eternal album. Their chemistry has always been wonderful, from back in the Lyricist Lounge and Soundbombing days right through to "Train of Thought" (which is one of my favs of all time). I'd also ask for another Black Star album but I know that's too far fetched with Mos Def more concerned about trying to win an
Oscar than a Grammy. Last for this one would be the major label debut on Atlantic for Apathy. Atlantic made a huge move by putting out the Little Brother album (one of my favs of '05), but they have been stalling for quite too long with the major-label debut from Ap, "The Bearer of Bad News." This cat has put out many dope 12"s over the past several years and some indie releases that have not disappointed. He would definitely bring something different to the most of the garbage that the majors mainly put out. Check his myspace page

4. No more Chopping or Screwing of any kind

I don't get it and never will. I can understand if it's part of the South style these days to have slower beats than normal....sometimes they work. This method was developed by the late DJ Screw but then really brought into the mainstream by another Houston dj, Michael Watts. As far as bringing the pitch on the turntable all the way down and then occasionally doubling up the records for the repeat effect....I don't see the creativeness or skill involved. The past year was filled with special chopped & screwed versions of Mike Jones (Mike Jones, Mike Jones, he's Mike Jooones), Ying Yang Twins, Three 6 Mafia, etc... Are people really buying this stuff??? Unless the senior citizen population is in need of rap music that's so damn slow even they can dance to it, please let there be an end to this nonsense.

3. The only thing more horrible than the passing of ODB is how long it's taking Dame Dash to release his album

Early reviews I read of this were very positive. I don't know what kind of problems Dame Dash is having with his Damon Dash Music Group, but I haven't heard a word or single in a while. There have been about 6 Biggie & 12 Tupac posthumous releases, but we cannot get one official Ol' Dirty album that he at least recorded while still alive??? So what I'm a native Staten Islander and my love for the Wu is insane...the fact of the matter is you can't deny this cat was one of the most unique, charismatic, crazy, and ill mother fuckers to hold a mic. He deserves better than this.

2. The Next Nas Album

If you have been following Nas since the classic Illmatic like me, you know ever since that gem he has not exactly been an expert at picking the best team of producers on his next 6 albums. Don't get me wrong, there have been several dope songs and the majority have been good albums...but every release after his debut was lacking something. It was never in his rhymes. In my book Nasty Nas is one of the top 3 emcees in the history of hip-hop. It's just there has always been a handful of cuts on most of the albums that made you think..this shit could have been produced much better or this track doesn't really fit the album. I have to admit I still do not own Nastradamus....but I DO own Nastradoomus (which is a remix of the album by MF Doom that is much better than the need to peep that!) This is also is the same reason beatsmith 9th Wonder flipped the God's Son album with his own beats (another must own). With all that said what will the future hold? Here's how I want it to turn out.... He doesn't need to over-do it with the amount of songs on the album. 12 would be just fine, but no more than 14. Here's my picks for producers and a short reason why:

The most obvious--DJ Premier. If you look at Nas's career starting with Illmatic, almost always the hottest song on the album would be Premo's. These two have an amazing chemistry. So, I want at least 4 tracks from Premier. Next I'd need to see 2 Pete Rock joints. Some of the best songs over the first two albums were definitely coming from the legendary Soul Brotha #1. Keepin' it with the older cats I'd have to give 1 to Large Professor, who is another reason why Illmatic is a classic. Now getting into the new generation...without a doubt 9th Wonder would have to provide 2 beats. The proof here lies within 9th's history thus far as well as that God's Stepson album. Next would be 2 tracks from Salaam Remi. This dude isn't necessarily one of my favorite producers but it's almost a given that Nas would go to him for a beat or two. He has supplied some of the best production for Nas over the past few albums [see "Made You Look" & "What Goes Around (Poison)"]. He's pretty nice producer but he doesn't make beats for hardly anyone but Nas. I'd have to finish off the list with 1 track from Kanye West. You know there is a possibility this can happen especially with Nas being featured on Late Registration combined with him making up with Jay-Z. I know Mr. West would make a dope beat for him cause Kanye is a genius like that. If there had to be a couple more tracks I'd say he would have to look to another from Large Pro, Premier, or maybe one from L.E.S. We all have to accept at this point there will not be another Illmatic...but with the list I got goin' on here it would come pretty damn close.

And for the #1 thing I want in 2006.....

1. This Bullshit "War" To End

This motherfuckin unecessary oil war must end this year...sooner than later. Our dumb fuck of a president needs to stop sending more innocent people to their death for no good reason. It makes me sick.

There you have it people. I hope you found this interesting or it got you thinking. Please leave your comments on anything you've read here or something you would like to add to the list. Oh and make sure you add this site to your favorites list.

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