Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band - Scorpio

When I first got into digging for records I came across a busted 45 of Dennis Coffey's Scorpio. Scorpio side was all fucked up, but it still kinda played. I was like "damn this is some hot shit". The more I got into records I learned that this is a b-boy staple and for a damn good reason. There is some dope breakdowns on this shit, where a bass line, Coffey's guitar, and the drums will just swing for a few measures. Giving DJ' something to juggle and the breakers something to dance to. Anyways, just recently I was digging in a salvo down in central jersey, and came across a NM copy of the whole LP. Coffey was a pretty bad motherfucker on the guitar. Dude really had chops and fucked a wah peddle up. I found out that he was a session guitar player for Motown records all throughout there golden years. He had tons of classics under his belt out of that camp. Coffey also did the score to Black Belt Jones which was a cult classic back in the day. He also pulled mad session work at Ric Tic Records which housed acts like Edwin Star. And he even started The Sunliners with Mike Theodore which later on became Rare Earth. Dude has a history. Now in the hip hop scheme of things, this record I'm featuring here, has been straight raped to death. Cats have not slept on this at all. I think it would be a little bad taste to even sample it now. You really gotta flip that shit now and days or you will play yourself like an asshole. If you do find it out in the field though or on the reissue tip, dont sleep. Its just one of those joints you need in your collection.

Aight today Imma post up the b-boy jam Scropio, a Led Zep cover that alot of you will recognize, and a nice slow heady guitar jam. Oh and Im pretty fucking pissed I missed the Wilkes Barre Record Fair today. I had to do a recording today and I couldn't make it down to that shit. Thats the only show that really comes around these parts of PA, so I try to get out there and get some heaters. AH WELLLLLLL. Im broke anyways so I would have to had brought a bag of change to coin star to get some loot. I should just pay for records in change anyways. Spice up the transaction part a little.

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